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Matsuro Hana
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MatH's comment on 2004-07-10 11:05 PM
Actually I never really designed him as a ninja. I more designed him along the lines of bruce lee meets crocodile dundee. And I love the japanese language, so I gave him that name. Which in Japanese means "Fate's Edge", the name given to a powerful artifact in his world. Hopefully I should put that up later on the site. Go to Comment
Matsuro Hana
NPCs  (Minor)   (Combative)
MatH's comment on 2004-07-12 04:46 AM
I can understand ye problem with the isn't an elven name. His father was the oriental one. And since he was raised in a human setting, he took on a local name...Hope that helps explain it. Go to Comment
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The Hammer of Luun

       By: valadaar

The hammer of a war-god avatar, this massive weapon must be wielded by a giant or other supernaturally strong being. When struck against the ground, a massive seismic wave will propagate outward from the wielder subjecting all in its wake to a massive earthquake. This quake is strong enough to shatter castle walls.

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