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Manx's comment on 2009-08-10 10:50 PM
You have been summoned...

This is one of the coolest adventure intros I've ever heard of. I have not used it, nor was I so privileged to have been present when it was used.

"You are fixed firmly in the goings-on of your normal, routine life (however routine, or not-so-routine it may be), when suddenly you are unfixed. Literally! Yes, you find yourself floating, for lack of better descriptive terms, your mind a blurry mish-mash of random thoughts and memories, nauseating colors, and dizzying mists. Just as you expect to blank out you begin to recover, the blurriness fading, colors melting, your mind returning. Your surroundings, however, have changed. You look about, finding yourself in an unusually dark room seated at a table along with X other people. All of them seem as bewildered and confused as yourself. Before you can speak you are spoken to. A resonating voice rings forth:

'You have been summoned.' "

At this point the Dungeon master should describe himself - yes his/her actual self - to the party as fading into view before the table where it is revealed that the DM is summoning the party members to accomplish some task. Go to Comment
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A world whose lands are made up of huge terrain spheres that rotate constantly with most portion underwater. As time passes, the shape of the bodies of water change, landmarks shift inside the new border lines, and mountains tilt to different degrees. Land dwellers are gypsies that can never build anything permanent, and somewhat ironically, the only stable settlements are large structures built at sea.

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