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Malaman's comment on 2012-11-11 03:47 PM
Been scouring the 'interwebs' for a novel idea for about a week now for a new campaign. Loved this so much decided to make it the focus of the setting possibilities are endless can't wait to have my PCs dungeon crawl through a corpse. Writers block over. Thanks so much. PS gimme a week or so I'll probably have a few ideas to add. Go to Comment
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Malaman's comment on 2012-11-14 11:53 AM
Just a thought, what do you qualify as "titanic"? I've brainstormed a basic campaign (thanks MoonHunter) and realised just about everything is dependent on the size of the corpses... I mean a mile long skull suggests a creature 8 to 10 miles (not counting the possibility of a tail) crashing into the ground would create a crater (based on some badly guessed physics) 50 odd miles wide with the same force as the 2011 tsunami). If they're say 60ft long that's about a 200ft crater. Either way the mess would be epic... Go to Comment
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Malaman's comment on 2012-11-14 01:24 PM
Some of the ideas I'm toying with about the scavengers are that the Griz, which I think would be epic as bird-like in behaviour are small and annoying, but vicious in groups. The renders I would be scary as insectoids of some kind, leaving their larva in the corpses like giant maggots. Go to Comment
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Malaman's comment on 2012-11-17 04:08 AM
My intention is to run an extended campaign in this plane so I'm needing to create a few more "geographical" features.

Oh, by the way, I see your calculators and raise you one :)

So then I'm going to work with a 20,000 ft. creature as a typical corpse (half the biggest corpse). A few more ball parked stats each corpse would feed 30 million odd humans for a year. But most of it would be a rancid fungi covered mess in a month or so. Thanks Valadaar, I'm working on the following game stats:

About 2km^2 area, depending on age, the extent of Fungi forests will cover that. The Griz will be there for few days before meat spoils, the renders longer depending on bone slug infestation, these infestations will keep other scavengers away and the "resources" of flesh will run out in about a year or two forcing the renders and slugs to move to the next one. If left alone, I would imagine the corpse decays into a lake of gooey grey slime that would vanish in a few years.

This allows several large "corpse" dungeons perhaps a few lost humans or other-worldly creatures have set up a "bone" mine (since the creatures bones would have to be of some kind of exceptional material or complex structure) or a corpse-lake/swamp.

The force of the impacts I think warrant a kind of instant death to anything with 2 miles of the corpsefall (in other words the blast and ejecta would simply kill anything short of exceptionally large creature). With this kind of time frame very little civilisation is possible. Go to Comment
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Malaman's comment on 2012-11-17 05:52 AM

Corpsefall Life Cycle

Working with ideas Valadaar posted - I suggest the following time line for an extended campaign or stay in Corpsefall:

Scavenger Stage

0-5 hours after impact: Dust settles, perhaps half burying the corpse. Griz and Renders would be well on their way.

6-12 hours: Griz and Renders begin consuming the remains. Naturally the Griz would be farming it for useful by-products (bone, leather, maybe some tasty gland full of "nom-noms" the baby Griz like or require). The Renders I suppose would have established a colony and proceed with their natural life cycle.

1-3 days: The Griz have left or are leaving, the meat is mostly rancid and the smell overwhelming. Visitors to Corpsefall not immune to this kind of environment would be at least feeling queasy. Bone slugs now start to arrive, hatch or whatever. Render - Bone Slug conflict ensues over the choicest remains.

3 days to 1 month: Render colonies well established, Bone Slug infestation is extensive. Many tunnels network through bone and flesh. Some maybe collapsing, or huge chambers of fetid flesh have formed, maybe some filled with pockets of poisonous gases.

Fungal Forest Stage

1 to 6 months: Most of the corpse is covered in a variety of molds and mushrooms. As a game playable stat, assume that the Forest grows at a rate of 1% a day. So as an alternative this stage starts when 30% of the corpse is covered in fungi. Assume most corpsefalls occupy approximately 250 sq. miles.

Sometime in this stage the body would likely bloat and explode in a rain of rotting meat, spores and other disgusting gizzards. By now most Render colonies are collapsing and moving off to the next meal. Bone slugs and fungi remain - any non-native would not only become ill but also contract one of several diseases, growths or fungal infections. The bloat could last a few days leading up to the last stage.

Corpse Swamp Stage

6 to 12 months: The rotting remains would now be nothing but a sickly grey ankle deep goo or stinking rotting biomass. Whatever bones remain stick out of this mess and a cloud of poisonous gases forms a mist that shrouds the corpsefall. Entry into this is deadly for most creatures, although it does not affect the Bone Slugs.

Reclamation Stage

After a year or two the remaining bio-matter has vanished into the sand leaving whatever bones the slugs haven't consumed exposed to the sky. Eventually they would also vanish.

"Corpsefall never strikes in the same place twice, well...uh, once in while, actually more often than you think."

At the stated frequency of one or two Corpsefall a day, it is inevitable that an impact site will be hit again. This is unlikely within the first stage, however within Fungal Forest stage there is a growing chance the forest is destroyed in a new Corpsefall, this is roughly 5 to 30% depending on its age. From the time a corpse swamp forms until it is reclaimed there is an increasing chance of about 5% a month. Only a third of Corpsefalls make it to the swamp stage and even less are reclaimed.

This way the GM can have a reasonable stay in Corpsefall with some variety in the topology to work with. For a longer stay the players will have to deal with a changing landscape every couple of months.

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Malaman's comment on 2012-11-17 09:07 AM
Posted my first idea on Corpsefall. Although seems I can't edit it? Noticed some grammar mistakes. Go to Comment
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Malaman's comment on 2012-11-17 01:35 PM
Edit. The area would be 250 miles^2. So a low flat crater about 18 miles across, 6 miles deep. Go to Comment
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