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Magus's comment on 2004-01-22 02:56 PM
I think that you did a great job here, and your not hurting anyone by typing a lot your only helping further, and if people do not want to read all of it, they don't have to. Anyway, catacombs are always a nice dungeon to have. Go to Comment
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Magus's comment on 2004-03-04 03:00 PM
hmmm, I have some questions. First of all, how would the sword know that the wielder is a magic user. second, about the history, i think that the local cleric, blacksmith, and magician is a little bland. Also, i dont quite get how a sword forged from magic could possibly be "anti magic". other than that, it is a pretty good magic item that i would use, except for the fact that a game would be quite boring without magical enchantments, + the idea of a wielder being immune to all magic directed his way seems a bit too powerful to me. Go to Comment
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Orchound - A large canine with tusk like bottom teeth. Orcs bred these dogs to help them in battle by grappling with foes, and dragging them to the ground. Despite their fearsome appearance and loud bark, they are trained not to kill, this is the venue of the warrior, not his hound.

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