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Lanfear57's comment on 2007-09-27 11:00 PM
I like. I would want to know the *why* of the vampire, but that's not to be included here, that's for another place.
where can i get it? i can handle blood being drawn, since it's not a needle lol Go to Comment
Corvorane's Cave
Dungeons  (Water)   (Style)
Lanfear57's comment on 2008-01-12 07:09 PM
Kudos, I like, I'm going to use this in a campaign I'm running this coming semester ^_^ Go to Comment
True Immersion
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Lanfear57's comment on 2009-01-19 07:48 PM
87) Make your own arrows. Out of wood. With a knife. Attach the feathers without glue or tape. They need to fly at least mostly straight.

88) Set up some home alone type traps. Have a friend do the same. Dont tell each other where you set them up, and try to find and disable them before you get hit. (try using soft or light items so you dont get hurt.)

89) Have someone put handcuffs on you. Get out of them.

90)Have someone who knows what they are doing tie you up. Get out of the ropes without cutting them.

91) Write your mother a letter from your father. Bonus points if *he* thinks he signed it.

92) Play hide and seek without counting. If thats too hard, try counting to 10 instead of 50 or 100. Now do it in a well-lit school or office building, with classrooms/offices off limits. Bonus points if people are there and they don't notice your hiding spot.

93) Go to a town youve never been to, and try to get someone to tell you where an authority figure lives. Dont use their name. Try not to get the police called on you. Then try to score some drugs (or other hard-to-find, supposed to be discreet items)

94) Hang a rope 5 feet above your head, and jump to grab onto it. Then try at 10 feet above, and 15. Bonus points for not getting a running start.

95) Ride a horse bareback. Then get some friends to shout and run at it.

96)Memorize the current prices of 100 household items. Keep this mental list updated daily/weekly.

97)Walk across a balance beam. Then run across. Then try the same thing with someone throwing bean bags at you. If you can, get several set up in a line and go across all of them.

98)disguise yourself as a friend without using boxed hair dye, pre-fab facial hair, or expensive makeup. try charcoal and shoe polish, and various natural coloring agents. bonus points for fooling their family.

99) If you are under 25, persuade someone to sell you alcohol or tobacco without checking your ID. doesn't count if they're lazy and wouldn't anyway. Please be of legal age to buy the stuff to begin with.

100) ladies: try having your period without tampons or pads, or ibuprofen. in the woods. (not one I'm interested in trying out.) Go to Comment
The Wizard's Rube
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Lanfear57's comment on 2009-05-23 11:31 PM
this sounds like a good, fun thing to throw at my characters in the conservatory of the castle... it turns in the middle of their exploration, and they spend the rest of the session trying to figure out why. =D Go to Comment
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Gimmie a Hand

       By: Scrasamax

In a small, genetically isolated region it is not uncommon for the locals to have three arms. The third arm is generally a second right arm that is a good bit weaker than a normal arm and is generally held against the chest. This hird arm is most often used to carry small things, though some of the more skilled craftsmen have learned little tricks with their third arm.

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