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Luxury items
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-17 01:07 AM
Earning more money: This is the most popular way to spend one's wealth. This can be by expanding one's operations in scope or geography, buying-out a competitor, bribing officials for government contracts or favourable tax laws, and hiring the best employees... but not paying them too much. Go to Comment
Luxury items
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Kinslayer's comment on 2008-01-30 03:48 PM
Landscaping: Nothing says "I have more money than you" like cutting up the very world to suit your whims. Have a river dammed, redirected, or carved in the first place. Drain lakes or fill them with bottled water. Cut down trees & replant new ones that don't upset your allergies. Flatten hills & straighten curves. Reshape the map into a likeness of your face, even. Go to Comment
Luxury items
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Kinslayer's comment on 2008-01-30 03:51 PM
I love this scroll. I want my Mom to meet this scroll. Go to Comment
Chae Il Seung
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Kinslayer's comment on 2006-01-25 01:20 PM
The post intentionally left out detail that wasn't specific to the character, such as species information and details of the fighting techniques. This was for brevity and with the assumption that such details were really extraneous to the character & would be altered for whatever specific campaign, setting, and system.

Bushi-Killian are a sub-type of the Killian species, a four-armed reptilian race. The Bushi-Killian are the martial caste with enhanced strength & toughness, and are able to breathe both air and seawater.

Quad-Cut Style is a fighting technique using a short or medium blade in all four hands. It is a balanced style where each blade may be used equally for offence or defence interchangably.

Killian lay eggs in clutches. These number from one to four typically, but clutches of up to twenty have been reported. Most of these eggs are nonviable and fail to hatch, or die within the first few weeks. Despite the Killian devotion to family, they are less concerned with these losses than the other races of Midian; such is the nature of life and death within the Empire. Female Killian may lay their eggs about once every 3½ years.

With few exceptions, all Killian have Korean-sounding names. A fair portion of their culture in the game world was modeled after the Choson Dynastic period.

Chae is a relentless, dedicated slayer of men, because he doesn't know what else to be. Not having to make one's decisions or take personal responsibility for such can be very comforting. By focusing completely on his job, Chae is able to avoid having to emotionally cope with the real world. Go to Comment
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Kinslayer's comment on 2006-01-25 12:41 PM
'D&D-style Goblin' would be a good mental image of Crunk: little, ugly, and tenacious. Go to Comment
The Good Housewife's Jewell
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Kinslayer's comment on 2008-06-20 12:56 PM
I got some good uses out of The Book of Household Management. It has the requisite recipes, but also has information on various servants' tasks & a bunch of other stuff. Not only are books like this good resources, but any literate setting would logically develop them. That is, not only are the real ones useful, but the game world will have its own. Go to Comment
Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-13 12:16 PM
Other interesting insects would be ones with some useful features.

A variation of the shelac beetle could have its carapices become sticky when heated; several hundred of these can be combined into armour pieces.

Special spellbook or scroll paper can be made from a type of paper wasp nest. This paper is tough, and readily accepts magic, far more than normal paper or vellum.

A NightGuardian mantis can be trained to become accustomed to one person, or a group. It not only eats mosquitos at night, but emits a shrill warning noise when a strange person or beast approaches.

Jewel Wraiths are shiny & ornamental insects with a wide variety of colouration & patterns. They are considered quite beautiful. The insect is highly poisonous, but is a very docile & slow plant eater, quite content to stay attached to a warm body as jewelry, provided it is kept sated on leafy vegetables each day--usually eaten nocturnally & sleeping attached to clothing during the day.

The Manna Bug is a desert-dwelling insect that secretes a nutritious substance overnight. This can be harvested early in the morning, enough to keep a large group fed & healthy for weeks at a time. (This one is based on a real insect.) Go to Comment
Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-13 01:36 PM
Here's something else to ponder, since the maximum weight issue for insect exoskeletons are based on weight rather than mass, that maximum changes in proportion to gravity. Thus, on Mars, insects could grow to three times the size--imagine dragonflys with two meter wingspans... Go to Comment
Retirement Plan Ring
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-12 04:06 PM
Given a long enough timeline, these items will become increasingly common, so that there exists a group of long-dead evil cultists in control of the world. This can be either a formal alliance (they are more likely to figure out someone else's domination, as they have first-hand knowledge... and paranoia), or an informal rivalry between the undearly-departed.

I can easily see a centuries-dead cultist cultivating his own dynasty of dominated host bodies, even selectively breeding them for certain desired traits. I can also see, again given a sufficiently long timeline, a young & healthy noble given more than one of these "gifts" at a time. Go to Comment
Vridian gold
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Kinslayer's comment on 2006-01-25 01:24 PM
I always used radiation poisoning for the effects of Vridian gold. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:13 PM
By far the most widely read is The Book of the Cannon. This is the holy text of the Temple of Light, the official state religion of the Kingdom of Formour. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:47 PM
An Illustrated Gallery is a recent book by an unknown author &/or artist. It focuses on the art scene in and around the city of Citadel, both before and after its status as a necropolis. There are numerous full-colour plates depicting dozens of pieces, in remarkably exacting detail. In addition to its uses as a cultural or scholarly work--or the incredibly precise replications of paintings--the book is useful in that it is the most complete collection of Volgor's paintings ever in one place. As the paintings themselves were scattered across three continents shortly after each was painted, they have never before been gathered together like this, even if only in book form. Volgor's paintings are notable for his tendency to incorporate mystical symbols within, especially those related to summoning. The replicates in the book are fully safe to peruse, unlike the genuine articles. Several have come forward claiming to be either the author or illustrator, but no one can yet match the artistry of the reprints, especially as each copy must be repainted by hand... Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:54 PM
Enlightenment was a book used as both the final prize in an international tournament held by a monestary in the Killian Empire, and the symbol of that monestary's master. Beyond the title, there are no written words, and no illustrations; all pages are blank, save for the next-to-last page, which is a mirror. The book was lost during the escape of the current master from the monestary, and its (and her) current whereabouts are unknown. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:48 PM
Told as a first-person perspective, My Journey Through the Night chronicles its main character through various minor adventures. The book reads like a section of an autobiography. The setting is sometime centuries past in what is now the Byzant Empire. Those who do more than scan through the book quickly hope that this is not autobiographical, or non-fiction of any sort, as there are small suggestions throughout the narrative that hint darkly about the main character (known only as 'John'--a name which is common among Ghouls and Formourians). The book hints that 'John' is a Vampire, and other-than-Human besides, despite that the book describes several scenes that take place in the sun. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:49 PM
An untitled series of books, primarily by the Dwarven pilot of the Boat of the Undead (no one calls the boat by its proper name) contains various drawings suited for a lonely Dwarf on a long voyage--a Dwarf that is crippled & does not enjoy shore leave. These started as a collection of loose-leaf pencil & charcoal sketches by various artists, and have been compiled and amended by Ahn (the aforementioned Dwarf), who has become something of an accomplished artist himself for anatomical accuracy... and tentacles. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:50 PM
A book that was commisioned, but never completed as the purchaser died prior to its mass publication, My First Wittle Spellbook was to cover the basics of summoning (notably protection circles), and to act as a primer on psionics. The books were designed with blank space & blank pages, for discussion & essay questions, and as space for notes & to work out problems. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:51 PM
Written in many languages, and several varieties of codes, Agon's Journals covered such diverse topics as: the history of the western edge of the Heldannic Confederations (with useful insights to the Hobgoblins & Changing Folk), nethermancy, demonology, architecture, technomancy, and military strategy. They also contained the most complete and accurate description of the Hephaestus Device, and all of its various pieces & components. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:51 PM
The Mnima was believed by loremasters to have been a fictional story, handed down orally, until first written much later in the now-dead language Nocturne. However, this book has become the holy tome of the secret-society-come-cult the Church if the Rising Night, Atrum Ortus. The player that created the Autrum Ortus also wrote quite a few stanzas of The Mnima. It';s good stuff. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:52 PM
Another popular journal, now recopied and mass-published, Last Journey was the surviving parts of the diary of an Elven sailor, and the few remaining scraps of the logbook. The surviving text was recovered from the final resting place on a coral island of those lost sailors during a global mapping expedition. Any reference that might tie the book into an historic perspective was lost. As these voyages took place over several millennia, and several ships did not return from each, there is no way to know the true identity of the author--positions on the crew rather than names are used in the journal. The last of these trips took place nearly 3000 years prior, so it is remarkable that anything survived in the salty air. Go to Comment
Midian Books
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Kinslayer's comment on 2005-11-11 01:55 PM
What looks very much like an illustrated childrens' book, Happy Bunny & Friends is actually a rather chilling read. The book was designed as both entertainment and education in the harsh ways of the world. For example, during the section that teaches wilderness survival to young unwitting minds: "Oh look," said Sunny Puppy, "these berries look red and tasty." "Oh no," said Happy Bunny, "Sunny Puppy is gone," as the illustration shows Sunny Puppy lying comatose under the bush with a foam-flecked and berry-smeared snout, feet straight up in the air. The next illustration shows the surviving '& Friends' walking away, with Sunny Puppy's corpse in the background--Sunny Puppy is never mentioned in the story again. Go to Comment
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Join Now!!

       By: Almar

While setting up camp for the night, the PC's are aproached by another group of adventurers who seem nice enough. The road is somewhat dangerous and the other group suggests camping together. The two bands split watches, one adventurer from each group watching at once. The night goes by without incident, the next day the PC's travel with the other group as they are going the same way.

The group consists of Hordel the ranger, who is skilled with the bow. Hordel is a quiet man who speaks little but appears quite skilled. Dremar is a barbarian who is a little excentric, he seems to be an excasive drinker and thiunk that battle is the solution to everything. He appears to be a stout and powerful fighter with his greataxe. Ferrin is the leader of the group, a rouge by trade. He is daft and witty, speaking with the PCs often and asking many questions. He fights with finesse with his rapier. Preminitat as a cleric but he will not say which god he worships. He uses his spells to empower and heal his party and fights with a club. He sticks close to Ferrin. Ferrin is a great talker and tells much of himself and his party, but asks even more about the history and capabilities of the PCs. He tells of some adventures his party has had, and they seem like an interesting group of mercenaries. Hordel is quite and has little interest in speaking with the PCs, he ignores most questions. He spends a lot of time with Dremar and sometimes Ferrin. Dremar seems to not care about any questions ansked to him, nor does he seem to know the answers. He seems battle hardened and is a simple man. Preminitat rarely starts conversations but will speak with the PCs. However, some of his accounts of the party's history seem to condradict those of Ferrin.

The Party spends another night and day with Ferrin's group. One of four things can happen on the third night.
1: While eating dinner around the fire, Ferrin gets into an argument with one of the PCs when he/she mentions the discepincies between Ferrin's stories and Preminitat's.
2: Hordel gets mad after repeated questioning about his life from the PCs.
3. Preminitat gets mad after repeated questioning from the PCs about what god he worships.
4: One of the PCs rejects the offer of a drink from Dremar and he takes it as an insult.
All of these scenarios result in a battle between the parties. If Ferrin's party is defeated and still lives he swears vengance. His party may then cross paths with the adventurers again.

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