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The Small List of Traps
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
KendraHeart's comment on 2006-01-01 01:53 PM
Way too many traps. Handy to have for inspiration. Go to Comment
New Alternative Assassins
Society/ Organizations  (Criminal/Espionage)   (World Wide)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-27 07:13 PM
Very cool. You need to move away from the silly DnD assassin model to something else. Go to Comment
Summer Word Aka Helioglyph
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mercantile)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-11-19 11:43 PM
It is an okay post by its self. I was going okay, it is a Shadowrun Talismonger in a non punkish environment. But it is the line at the end that caught my attention.
"Think: Nice Guy who is too responsible for his own good. He takes on his own problems and the problems of others. "

That makes him so much more. He is a nice guy. He is not a flake, like most magic people. He gets things done and stresses out over the details because nobody else is.

That made him real for me. Go to Comment
Theodoronus "Theo" messenger
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-11-20 11:01 AM
I like the entire set. You should add more. Go to Comment
Fredius D'Amar
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mercantile)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-11-20 11:06 AM
He is kind of random if you don't follow the link to the shop. Together they make sense and give you an idea of what is going on. Go to Comment
North Ward
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:36 AM
This is one of the more useful posts. It tells you what the city is like. With this post in place (in your head) you can work with the other ones.

Star Stones are a cool idea. Go to Comment
Quiet Ward
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:38 AM
So here is the home of the technical revolution you mentioned. It is kind of cool that the quiet neighborhood is actually the hotbed of technical change. There is a serious drama here between the normal people and the magical techies. Go to Comment
Greenway Ward
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:35 AM
I like the various parts of the "nice part of town". It shows you a lot about the city and its politics, as well as the wranglings of the rich. It includes the city park as well. Go to Comment
Maker's Ward
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:33 AM
Every city needs its industrial neighborhood. Fantasy city designers tend to forget that. I like the undertown connection. Go to Comment
Alley District
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:29 AM
You added an establishment. You gave some details. It works with the whole. It should all be linked. Go to Comment
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:28 AM
Many cool touches, but not as many links to the other places.

The details you have added are handy and useful. Go to Comment
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Underground)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:34 AM
I like the seemingly simple details of this one. Nothing big, fancy, or splashy, yet useful in expressing this place. Go to Comment
Temple Ward
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:32 AM
Almost too much to follow. I think I get it and the religion from here. Go to Comment
Temple District -1
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-11-20 12:34 AM
It is short, but it is sweet. It captures a snapshot of convoluted city politics. (And how could it be anything but with the thinly veil Byzantine reference?). It gives you a feel for the people here. There is poor and desperate mixed with the others. Go to Comment
Taymour District
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-11-20 12:30 AM
This is a great piece. I don't recognize any piece of fiction or any historical place that this is based off of. This is totally unique. I mean there are tiny bits and pieces from places similar, but the whole "point of friction" this place has. It is like many transitional neighborhoods. It is a place for drama as there are so many needs here, and not all of them can be fulfilled.

The touching colored stars is what made this post for me. That makes sense. What is fun is that you will keep mentioning it to players, until eventually they will either figure it out or be told by an NPC. Then the lightbulb will occur. Go to Comment
Dock Ward
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Water)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:30 AM
I like this area. It has details of the mechanics of the city, drama from the clans, and dinky details that might be handy adventuring in the area. Go to Comment
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:26 AM
The street is fairly cool. Secret defensive structures that many people will not know about. I like the tidbit about the naming convention of the street.

I like the tidbit about Starbucks. However I want it explained.

This one is not completely linked to all the various places you can go from it. Go to Comment
Stockman Area
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Plains)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-11-20 12:26 AM
This is really well thought out. It shows history, growth, and development. I am not sure it is very universal, as it seems to be dependent upon a few things.

However, it is good history and social ecology, as such places have to exist in some variation. Go to Comment
Gateway Plaza
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-12-01 12:24 AM
1) It is cool that you link to the places that you can go from this area.

2) There is a lot of detail to this neighborhood.

3) Podlings. Points off for that.

4) Strangers: I think I get they people from other times and places. How do they get here? Go to Comment
Old Town
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Water)
KendraHeart's comment on 2005-11-20 12:24 AM
I thought SO!

I followed the links because they always lead to something interesting. I was thinking that very thing (It being Sacramento) when I was reading the original post, then following the link to the City Jail. That confirmed it. Truth really is stranger than fiction. My old Hometown has a couple of tourist traps and Old Town is one of them.

However, it is a great fictionalization. The logistics of living near a river are the same in fantasy as well as reality. It is a good neighborhood to have in a river city that has grown beyond a river stop.

Sacramento really could not be Sacramento without steam though. You need trains and paddleboats. However, it is a nice fictionalization. You need something to have a great deal of travel, people need to be passing through. You also need a booming wealth to occur. Go to Comment
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The Needy Dead

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The PCs are hired by undead to rid their village community of an invasive necromancer.

As the PCs make their way, wherever they are going, they spot two zombies. The zombies approach but before the cleric can turn them, one starts throwing coins at the PCs while the other pleads with them, unable to pronounce the letters "L" and "H" due to some missing gums. "Peeth 'arm...coin...peeth issen!"

If the PCs don't slaughter the two zombies immediately, they will eventually come to learn that the two were chosen to find help by their brethren. The zombies want to hire the PCs to rid their community of an unwanted pest. An opportunistic necromancer.

Apparently, a small benign community of undead have taken residence in an abandoned village, living out their undeath as peacefully as the undead can. Recently, a malicious necromancer has invaded the village, and plans to enslave the entire populace with his malignant spells, raising a small army.

The PCs must battle the vile necromancer, even as he animates the very folks who hired the PCs in the first place, to slaughter them.

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