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The Shattering
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Juliet's comment on 2011-05-04 03:27 PM

Way back in high school i had a similar idea, well or maybe not, it's hard to tell from the information.

Anyway: Sounds awesome. Right up my alley.

Some Ideas you might find helpful:

Godlike Powers are reversibly relative to the size of the world. Any conflicted one can control a world where only he lives, but it takes huge powers, or long work, to exercise them in a bustling city, that power has to be taken from all the other residents. So if a group of conflicted ones come in a small world which has only one inhabitant, he could have nearly godlike powers, if he is conflicted. Newcomers have to “rip” power from the original inhabitant to battle him.

The “Edge of the World” is a mist, through which sometimes other worlds can be seen, as foggy shadows. The fog lifts or goes at least less thick if two world connect.

Memories (of everyone or the conflicted ones) are also shattered. They can only remember some things or nothing of their past at all. Conflicted Ones can shape new memories with their powers, search the shatters for their original memories or even rip memories from others. (This could be three different kinds of learning new abilities, if any kind of rule system is used).


I'm sure I can come up with some more Ideas...

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       By: ephemeralstability

A little way up the narrow valley, before they reach the woods, the PCs notice the squat, tumbledown buildings by the riverside. They are hardly big enough for a human to stand in, and the complex cogs and shafts that occupy the central cavity of one of the buildings are perplexing. What were these buildings? And how safe are they to explore?

Alternatively a desolate place is the perfect setting for a derelict chapel or croft. There needn't be any actual physical encounter involved, but it adds atmosphere to a place to see its dead history. For instance, in the Outer Hebrides there are whole deserted villages which were razed to the ground by the English during the Clearances. Such stories give a setting authenticity and character.

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