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A Mile In My Shoes
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Jormungand's comment on 2004-01-29 08:11 PM
Dont know if the players will like it... if they have made their characters with love and care and then you strip it away, but it could be good for the powergamer allways doing same character... and if the naughty thief gets the body of a noble and is beeing spotted doing naughty things, it could ruin the whole family... have to be careful if you do a thing like this... Go to Comment
When the moon fell...
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Jormungand's comment on 2004-01-31 07:05 PM
You could make allmost anything with a rock coming from the sky... A rock fell in my game once and it took ALL magic away :) but it could be superman coming or you could even wipe the place of all life... You can even get subterfuge plots as nations struggle against nation and factions inside a nation for political power over the rock... Go to Comment
Buried and Forgotten
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Jormungand's comment on 2004-01-29 08:51 PM
How did the "thing" kill all the townspeople? if it just killed them it should be powerful enough to just kill the players... and if it can just kill the players it will only take one fight and theres nothing scary in that...

If its only one monster that has killed everything and its a Cthulhu-thing it should somehow affect their minds. the willagers were weak minded and became paralysed and then they were easy pray for it, but the players are tough adveturers and manage to flee, not seeing completly what it is, but they fear it, even the hardiest of them...

It could be a "thing" thing or somekind of Shadow, it could then assume ANY form it has seen, even family cant see the difference, it can even mimic the voice (if anyone has played L5R, that shadow). But as it can take the form of anyone, think what it could do if it gets the party separated. *evil grin* Go to Comment
Double Agents
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Jormungand's comment on 2004-01-31 06:58 PM
This is an interesting plot, but if there are so many spies around that you can not trust to use even your best and most loyal, then why would they hire some unknown people? Okay, you have to get new spies to replace dead and "defective" ones, but you never give them such an important mission right away, only if it an decoy, wich could be a set up for the players or the enemy nation. Secondly if there are so many spies around and the two nations are at war, crossing the border will be very difficult, a unknown "mercenary" group will have it even harder, if the borders arent allready closed.
What if the players open the package? Then they could sell it to the other nation. They could take it back and expose the rat. But if the package is so important, then they propably are tailed to ensure it arrives or if it dosent arrive to the target the players will propably get trouble.
If the players do exactly as you told there, why would they have plead for innocence? They "enemy" nation are sure to protect them for such a gift. And as there are so many spies around and only some of the most high ranked people have acces to the battle plans it should not take long to figure out who leaked the information and only used them as mules. In any case the players would be considered as traitors and propably never be able to return to the original country safe...
This is in interesting plot with many opportunities. Go to Comment
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