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Incarnadine's comment on 2005-05-20 07:54 PM
I find it funny, especially for a higher level campaign. Build an aura of suspense by having all about them fall silent, then a few padded footsteps...

And a little bird about the size of a fist. The perfect thing to remind PCs that sometimes a rabbit is just a rabbit. Go to Comment
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       By: Agar

Weapons or equipment that is heavily relied on can be "named". Then the equipment begins to gain abilities beyond those of normal equipment. They might siphon off some of the experiances of their owners (1 to 5%) and level up on thier own. Could be an unintenitional way of creating artifacts. Ships could become sturdier or seem to just barely outrun the worse of a storm that would have surely sunk another vessle, swords could fumble less or resist dulling more, a farmers plow could turn stones aside easier. Anything that is depended on as much as an inividual can depend on as much as another individual could be "named".

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