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The Art of the Orcish War Drum
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Gripfang's comment on 2008-04-07 03:43 PM
Just wanted to comment that I think it's amusing that there is an orc clan with my name out there.

I know this account is new, but my use of the name is 8 years old.

So I just had to come on here and give a cyber chuckle. hee-hee-ha-ha...

Ok.. I'm done.. wandering off now... Go to Comment
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Insufficient Guineapigs

       By: PoisonAlchemist

You type the command into the console. "Insufficient Guineapigs" the computer responds. Baffled, you retype the command. "Insufficient Guineapigs" the computer replies again. You decide you should start smaller, with a simpler command. "Insufficient Guineapigs"

What does cycling the spaceship's airlock have to do with a now-extinct Peruvian rodent?

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