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The Amulet of Looda Chriss
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-29 06:40 PM
I thought the procedure was that when you voted you provided constructive criticism. Maybe I was wrong. Go to Comment
The Amulet of Looda Chriss
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-30 12:13 AM
Unfortunately, I don't know enough about Phiddy Sent's background, special powers, or catch phrases to truly do justice to such armor. I was thinking it would involve some play on words (such as Phiddy's Sent or perhaps Phiddy's Scent). But I'll throw the next installment of RPGRapGear to the masses, hopefully they can come up with something. Go to Comment
Princess Matriax's Defender
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GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-26 12:59 PM
How did this item come to be cursed? Why is the curse so powerful? Normally I'd just turn a blindeye to this, but since you include a backstory, it seems sort of odd that it omits this rather important detail.

I'm not a big fan of the "stuck in your hand curse" (as I've said in other posts) because I don't think they really encourage roleplaying very much. On the other hand, they are nasty, and encourage caution in the PC's which is usually a prelude to roleplaying. I like the bit about how it always come to hand, but I'd rather see that as something within the player (e.g. he's developed some strange compulsion that he gets to roleplay) rather than the item having the preternatural ability to entangle him.

I think that your item is quite original, but perhaps too much so. There seem to be acceptable guidelines for an adventuring world to maintain versimilatude, and it stretches that when we include items that tend to fall outside the traditional limit (such as pursues). What's to stop me from making a magical shoehorn that also doubles as a weapon, or makes you wear it in your shoes? These things are original, but original for a reason: They aren't very heroic or interesting, and thus are traditionally relegated to the category of comic relief or joke fiction.

i give it a two for now, and I'll up that if some of my objections are dealt with. I think it has potential. Go to Comment
Princess Matriax's Defender
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Cursed)
GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-26 02:26 PM
Had you read my post more carefully rather than assuming it was an attack on you, you would have noticed that I was asking as to the origins of this curse, noting that it seems like it must have magical origins given this is no mundane curse. I never claimed it was inordinately powerful.

Sorry I thought that it was too original. Fear my ethernet chord of strangulation, created by the evil wizard Fangbar for a mighty king, who it strangled. Somewhere along the line we need to ask ourselves, "Is this an item I would include in my campaign?" It seems like this item is comic relief. You said yourself it is almost comedic. I don't think that's the mark of a great item (it's a gimmick whose worth fades within an adventure or two, not an enduring presence that shapes a campaign). Go to Comment
The Steel Cathexis
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GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-25 09:07 PM
I'm unconcerned as to the lack of history. I think this item is awesome. Good work Finger Master, I love your massive sword. Go to Comment
The Steel Cathexis
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Cursed)
GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-26 12:49 PM
Normally I wouldn't go ahead and defend someone elses weapon for them, but since your comments about how the people that voted high are stupid and can't recognize originality (or lack thereof), I feel obligated to defend my vote.

Lack of a curse? It warps the bearer's personality so that it s/he wants to use it (e.g. acts of senseless violence), becomes obsessed with it, and even becomes reluctant to render his party full assistance (for fear he might damage or lose his sword). That sounds pretty cursed to me (it causing bad outcomes to occur as an intentional part of the weapon). It opens up and even provokes roleplaying from the PCs, which is the mark of any good item (particuarly one with a curse). What would you prefer? It's cursed and tries to strangle the user and eat his right arm? Lots of roleplaying potential there...

Munchkin? I don't see anything in there that makes it munchkin, except maybe the magma attack, which seems to be a rare one, given the draining effect it has on the user. All we get from the description is that it's a strong sword, a mighty tool of battle, but as for how mighty, that would seem to be up to you. I can see how the description would make you think that it was powerful, though, and something that you might want to have.

I'll grant it doesn't have a backstory, but then again, most items won't have a backstories. They'll have been made by someone long forgotten for reasons that the PC's will likely never discover (you're dealing with adventurers, not archeologists).

I don't think it's a ripoff of Cloud's BusterSword, nor do I think that it bears any great resemblance to Tolkien's One Ring, except insofar as the BusterSword is large and the One Ring has an effect on the user. The qualities of both are, in my mind, suprisingly different.

A final thought -- this is a forum of ideas -- that only works if everyone gets to put their ideas out (such as me saying I like this sword) without worrying about other self-righteous, rude ingrates telling me that my opinoin doesn't matter. So you should worry about your own vote, the fact that you value spelling (though what is a subission?) as much as originality, and the two new items that you promised us, (the better sword and the better curse) and stop telling me how to vote. Thanks much. Go to Comment
The Steel Cathexis
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Cursed)
GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-26 02:45 PM
Please ask the administrator to check IPs, email addresses, aim names, locations, or take even some basic measures to verify that we are the same person before accusing me of violating the forum rules. Because we have similar writing styles you've decided we're the same person, with little or nothing else to go on. Please, next time verify your accusations in at least some manner before you present them.

Tolkien's ring doesn't make people inherently violent (only when someone tries to steal it) whereas this sword makes people want to pick fights simply so they can display it and use it; Tolkien's ring stirs a desire to conceal itself from others, whereas this sword makes the user want to show it prominently; the ring doesn't create a bond between the user and the item that could possibly be called love (Tolkien's ring is an item of jealousy and covetedness), whereas this item is almost masturbatory in its affect on the user -- self-gratifying, reinforcing, etc.; they both shape the user's personalities, but it radically different ways. If anything, this sword resembles Aragon's Blade of the North, which he seldom shuts up about.

"Munchkin. How the hell are you arguing a sword that rips magma up from the earth with no ill effects ISN'T Munchkin?" I'm not. Read the posts above to find its ill-effects (it drains the user, leaving him sucked dry, it makes the user belligerent and violent unnecessarily, etc.).

Finally, the reason I call you rude is because I've been trying to have a conversation with you about what you think is wrong with the sword, and you ignore my points, make sarcastic comments without provocation, call me a "fan boy," accuse me of violating the forum rules by having two different accounts, and then tell me to shut up. So please, conduct yourself a bit more politely. Go to Comment
Ring of Justice
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GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-25 08:57 PM
MoonHunter's objection about it being a pretty crappy item is a valid one -- it was initially designed for some low-level D&D characters. Hence my advice to adapt it, make it as powerful as you need it to be, including adding other abilities that you like (such as "Detect Lies"). (As I stated in one hook: "The bearer is unwilling to part with the ring simply because it is so powerful (you might have to scale its powers up for a higher level party). This would create an interesting tension within the party itself").

I really like Finger Master's input on the morality of destroying an intelligent, sentient item. Go to Comment
The Evil Brothers
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-23 09:44 AM
The village was founded by their great great grandfather, and the ravine is (predictably) made by a river. I intentionally left those areas void so it might fit in well with whatever the GM already had. One's good because he was raised properly to be the next leader, and the other one is bad because he wants to be the leader, but can't. So he overthrew his brother and became the new leader. They wheren't raised in different places. They were both raised in the same town, though maybe one was raised by the mother and the other by the father (even though they lived in the same house). This is just the barest of bones -- something for the aspiring GM out there to play with, and maybe modify to suit his or her tastes, not a ready made, fill-in the stats adventure. Go to Comment
The Evil Brothers
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-25 09:00 PM
I dunno, as long as the character's are willing to help and concerned with morality, then they can be fit into this adventure rather easily (I mean, it would be much better if they were desgined for the adventure, or, more probably, the adventure were custom tailored to them). This is, if nothing else, a sort of prototype for a psychological adventure, perfect for cliche characters of all sorts (you know that one who wants revenge? Well, throw this adventure at him along with the object of his vengeance. Might be interesting). Go to Comment
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GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-23 08:38 AM
Oh yes. I had a brother get onto some forums for me too. I absolutely almost cried. I thought I'd die of guilt and humiliation too. After I wrested the razorblade from my fingers, I turned to Mariella and just said "oh, I think I'll positively DIE Mariella" and she said "Oh no you wont Gleepwurp." I was MORTIFIED. So I packed up and left those forums... Still gives me nightmares.

Good NPC. A bit too Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader-ish in some ways, but without all the suck that characterizes the George's later work. Go to Comment
Map of Ithar
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GleepwurpTheEyebiter's comment on 2005-08-24 09:11 PM
MoonHunter, though I agree with the first two points you made, I think the third one doesn't really address FM's (or FM's brother's) issue.

His final thought was that only the players can know their characters. The more those characters diverge from being simply blocks of statistics, the more they become difficult to predict. Who is to say the evil wizard wont suddenly find himself totally disgusted by an action he undertook within the past week, and repent -- sacrificing himself to save others. Maybe this was the PC's intention all along, maybe the PC didn't want to lessen his character by laying out his future at the same time he laid out his past and present.

A classic example of this is Weiss and Hickman's Raistlin -- he is complex, unpredictable, shows unexpected acts of kindness, and unfathomed acts of cruelty, all within the space of a week's time. Sometimes he totally abandons the road he set out upon, sometimes he sees it through until the very end.

I think it's fair to say that no matter how much someone knows a PC, there is a certain aspect of unpredictability necessary in roleplaying games, symbollically represented in the dice rolling. Were these characters automotons, so perfectly lain out and described that their future actions were known, there would be little joy in playing them. The joy of roleplaying comes with character development -- the development is most always triggered by something in the game world, but something oftentimes so small and insignificant that the GM might not take notice.

Character's grow -- and grow at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. Any item that somehow negates that, even if it's in the tiniest of ways, removes something beautiful and essential about the game.

I'm really sorry to sort of use this item as a springboard to launch this "philosophical" complaint. It is a well-crafted and clearly well-loved item. I commend you for creating it, and creating it well, but I think that no matter how well an item like this is made, no matter how original or inventive the creator is, there is a lurking pitfall that is nigh-impossible to see in them.

That being said, it is easily reparable. The main objection (in my mind, I don't know about FM) is the small bit about it maybe knowing the future, knowing what the characters want, and where they want to go, without them needing to ask. That could potentially lead to disaster (they open the map, it tells them the adventure. they wanted to go storm this castle to set up a stronghold and attract followers instead). If it's simply an item where you ask about location and it tells you the answer, or DEDUCES the answers to your future problems, then that's a whole other can of worms.

Finally, I'm sorry I gave all this advise, etc. You don't really have to care, but I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you. Hope everything with Ithar works out. Go to Comment
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