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Everclear's comment on 2010-11-26 01:30 PM

I like this!

Don't let the others curtail your creative flare, the intro is good.

As the others above have pointed out, I think you should portray the spiders as an equally plausible solution rather than the correct explanation.

A metaphysical malevolent creature always seems to go down a treat on these pages; and the first explanation is rather interesting, perhaps that's why the spider explanation (though clever) doesn't have the same impact when it comes after the living storm idea. 

Keep up the good work.

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       By: manfred

The religion believes in reincarnation, but that you will be reborn in the past. People of today are those re-born of tomorrow, with some discarded as trash. The most pure will be eventually reborn in the mythical paradise-like past, where people lived for hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years.

This goes nicely with beliefs into foresight (you know a little about the future because you have been there), but also to many complaints of how things are going always from bad to worse.

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