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The Heads of Zaid
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
EchoMirage's comment on 2014-10-07 06:42 AM
I'm curious how their insanity reflects on their actions towards the world. I understand that they're capable of spell-casting? Go to Comment
Navarch Ariana Sterngood
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
EchoMirage's comment on 2014-10-08 02:52 PM
I think they don't even want to restore her, or to substitute the hormones. Why deal with puberty when you can have a perfectly stable kid general?

Possibly, I'd revisit what kind of body she chooses for herself; it might not be girlish teen androids. The gamer in her might choose a body that appears imposing, epic and still cool, an iconic over-the top sculpt that has nothing to do with how she might have looked if not for her sickness. Go to Comment
The Singing Children
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (City/ Ruin)
EchoMirage's comment on 2014-10-08 03:03 PM
I like; reminds me of some Steven King novels (Dreamcatcher comes to mind).
Just as a matter of interest, what is the explanation behind the phenomenon? Go to Comment
Imbrian Culture
Society/ Organizations  (Ethnic/Cultural)   (Trans World)
EchoMirage's comment on 2014-10-12 06:02 AM
I like the concept a lot, and think this is an excellent piece.
It's just, I sense that the creative force behind it made it stumble over itself in the effort to get written, and it feels hurried in places, and I'd welcome more detail in others.
(I'll change my vote to a higher one then)

(btw., Earth as both cradle and penal colony of humanity is rather funny) Go to Comment
30 Punishments
Systems  (Political)   (Historical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2014-10-12 06:16 AM
Some are rather fun, and I feel like stealing a few :)
I'd revise the list, though, because some, especially towards the end, are sort of weak.
As a whole, a solid 4. Go to Comment
30 Punishments
Systems  (Political)   (Historical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2014-10-12 06:16 AM
Some are rather fun, and I feel like stealing a few :)
I'd revise the list, though, because some, especially towards the end, are sort of weak.
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Augmented Disposition Tattoos
Society/ Organizations  (Mercantile)   (World Wide)
EchoMirage's comment on 2013-11-16 01:16 PM
I have to note that genomic alteration will not fully alter a personality; it is necessary to re-write the wiring of personality that had its basic layout provided by the genome and was filled out by experience.
A purely genomic change could alter the type of neurotransmitter receptors expressed, their quantities, etc., inducing broad-spectrum changes in behavior and trends, such as increased docility.

As said, the tattoo is but a brand, a mark of Cain, it could use a greater connection to the core of the sub.

Also, as you're rewriting the genome, the changes would be inheritable?

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Stears-Cusick Cyborg
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
EchoMirage's comment on 2015-11-06 03:18 AM
I'd elaborate on the idea of humans walking among the pods, about the social status of pods, ... basically expanding the de-humanisation theme. Go to Comment
Vitralara, the Mongrelmen
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (City/ Ruin)
EchoMirage's comment on 2013-08-08 04:25 AM
I am going to steal the Emerald Tiger, 'cause it's awesome.
I am also going to steal the 8-legged horse.
The Devil Monkey and Lion-Hare are pretty cool too, and the Pika-sheep is cute.

All in all, a very good piece; the only thing I'd think about a bit is the 'genetics' of the Vitralara - or was it your intent to provide a background for the feeble DnD Mongrelman? Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Space)
EchoMirage's comment on 2013-07-18 02:54 PM
Hey, where's that wickedness?
Also, are they cross-fertile with humans? Or do they just try? Go to Comment
Types of Dark Religions
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (World Wide)
EchoMirage's comment on 2013-04-26 04:43 PM
Please spellcheck and revise grammar. I§l hold my vote for now. Go to Comment
Angel BioModification
Systems  (Technical/ Mechanical)   (Specific)
EchoMirage's comment on 2013-03-20 09:20 AM
I would highly recommend GURPS Biotech for a thorough discussion of this topic - but you covered the main issues very well.

As others said, Lana is the top seller. Imagine a group of escaped Lanas from the Angel program... serving as mercs in some backwater.
They can be told apart only by their wings.
Dude. May I write the MercLanas up?
May I?
*bounces up and down on office chair* Go to Comment
Locations  (City)   (Tundra/ Arctic)
EchoMirage's comment on 2013-01-06 03:43 PM
Rather charming, I'd say. I wonder how long it will players take to call 'Santa? O.o' on this one. Go to Comment
30 Dwarven Treasures
Items  (Other)   (Non-Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2016-06-01 05:54 AM
Sweet and useful :) I would not call many of them genuine treasures, but they do add lots of flair to dwarf settings. It's as much about these small things as it is about massive statues and holds. Go to Comment
Military Hover Bike
Items  (Transports)   (Combat)
EchoMirage's comment on 2012-09-19 07:39 AM
What altitude can the bike reach?
Because, if it can go high enough, it can ignore most terrain, and needs just an open space to land. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Any)
EchoMirage's comment on 2012-09-11 03:01 AM
The logic behind this is flawed.
a) humans treat cows as animals, as cows show no evidence of intelligence not culture, just a herd. You specifically state that Yothats breed out intelligence from their flock, hence are aware of that trait.
b) As described, Yothats lack the capacity to stand against humanity for long. Sure, they are big, but organized into tribes 50 strong - which will fall one by one; their social structure does not support acting in unison for any extended period of time.
c) societies with units of 50 will not have bankers, or even guilds. These rely on a large number of individuals living in a society to support their existence. Go to Comment
7 Things to Run or Hide From
Plots  (Travel)   (Encounter)
EchoMirage's comment on 2011-10-06 03:05 AM

I'd really suggest having unfinished 30 (Whatever) in the Forum and posting them here when they hit the mark. That will also serve as a sorting process: those that don't hit the '30' are apparently not interesting enough to go on front page anyways.

Go to Comment
Ko Girls
Society/ Organizations  (Artistic/Performance)   (Area)
EchoMirage's comment on 2012-09-08 07:11 PM
They get it on, I guess. Go to Comment
CIC Cryodetention Center 19
Locations  (Fortification)   (Underground)
EchoMirage's comment on 2012-09-09 04:29 PM
By adding the re-education during cryo, you made cryodetention actually meaningful.

A difficult thing is that writing up a prison facility places logical necessities and constraints on the author, making it difficult to get the 'I wish I had thouhgt of this!' moment.
A solid post, no less. Go to Comment
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2012-09-09 04:37 PM
Tower of Forbidden Cats.

As this is written for DnD, and given the nature of the maker of the Catbook, perhaps the book simply suffuses the cat, and by petting it, you are instilled with the knowledge it contains (random fragment if by accident, the piece you want if intentional).
This makes accidentally unleashing the power more likely than if people simply open the cats. Go to Comment
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A few moments after the PCs get to take in this unpleasant location, they hear the low rumbling of ancient plumbing and rather large Urine Elemental rises like a great, wet, wave of filth to attack them. The creature reeks and exudes noxious debilitating fumes, while its liquid strikes burn flesh like acid.

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