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Halls of Dancing Flutes
Dungeons  (Mountains)   (Rooms/ Halls)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-07-29 04:54 AM
Players may for example have a magical servant or golem (imagine a steel golem with an organ on its back... dude, gotta write >this< up!) play the instrument 'till kingdom come. Go to Comment
I Know You’re Out There Somewhere
Plots  (Crisis)   (Single-Storyline)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-07-17 04:56 AM
Crew member abducted, get him back? Well, never would have thought of that.
But you do get a plus for the ship baptism. Go to Comment
I'm Just A Singer ...
Plots  (Hired)   (Side-Quest)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-07-17 04:53 AM
It's not only Firefly-inspired, but also within Firefly spirit. Simple but alright in my book. Go to Comment
Cantara, the Voice of the Dragon
NPCs  (Major)   (Political)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-07-22 04:04 PM
You know, I wonder why nobody bothers to comment as well. I know she's not perfect, and input would be welcome. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Underground)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-07-04 08:15 AM
I find it cool that you write up the basic elementals, when I think of something, all I get is the top of the elemental hierarchy. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Forest/ Jungle)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-07-01 01:43 PM
The sub has two great elements - the description of the chase, and the idea that the Mordanfey's abilities are limited when it's being watched.
As for the unicorn, methinks it was always kinda neat, but this is an interesting twist. Go to Comment
The Grand Order of the Reef
Society/ Organizations  (Combative)   (Area)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-06-11 04:23 AM
A good one!
What I'd welcome in addition: rites, a patron, perchance exceptional members, something peculiar to set them apart besides being aquatic. Go to Comment
Amulet of Cuteness
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-06-11 04:14 AM
Well then, this is straightforward, a wizard made it, and it's really not novel. As it stands, I'd have to give it a tentative 2. Go to Comment
Non-Combatant Mecha
Items  (Tools)   (Non-Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-06-08 04:30 PM

Yay! A Curie mech!

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Non-Combatant Mecha
Items  (Tools)   (Non-Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-06-08 04:44 PM
17. NPT-512+ Neptune

The Seacrab's big brother, the Neptune is a compact mech with articulated arms that can mount a variety of tools, powerful spotlights and unconventionally strong armor for a civilian mech.
Being able to withstand pressures found in sea trenches, the Neptune is used for deep-sea construction, tasks on heavy-G pressure-cooker worlds and scientific exploration. A larger variant holds a crew compartment and/or a small lab in its torso.
The combat use of the Neptune is limited, but its plating has been found to be highly resistant to non-energy weapons; this is compensated by its impractical weight and the mech's sluggish speed.
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Non-Combatant Mecha
Items  (Tools)   (Non-Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-06-08 09:51 AM
I especially like the MixMaster's combat use :D

Glad somebody wrote this up. Go to Comment
The Staff of Seryl
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-21 05:40 AM
Intelligence without sentience? Is that even possible? Perchance intelligence without awareness of self, or without sufficient will to have one's self stand up to the self of others? Or a semblance of intelligence, much like a computer has?

It's a complicated concept, and needs to be clarified. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Underground)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-18 04:01 AM
This is rather nice, I say!
A good twist on the stereotypical goblin sword-fodder, with the added benefit of another colony springing up anywhere a veglin corpse is left unburnt.
What I'd add, though, is that the different tribes receive the visions in varying quality, perchance with interference from other sources, leading to peculiar offshoots of Vega's spawn, some believing rather weird stuff.
Also, low-key villains will find it tempting to impersonate Vega to gain the services of Veglins.

Anyways, Echo likes. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Underground)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-21 04:29 AM
Also, consider the idea officially stolen ;) eh, borrowed to be used in a game. Go to Comment
Pre-Con Tactical Base
Locations  (Fortification)   (Any)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-18 03:43 AM
Well, unless we're talking Clan ER small lasers, neither am I. Go to Comment
Pre-Con Tactical Base
Locations  (Fortification)   (Any)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-18 03:47 AM
Ah, to comment as well: it is a well-written sub, a little generic for my taste though. As it is set in the Battletech universe, it might benefit from flavor elements (PopCon is something I see the Draconis combine deploying; there might be a paragraph how the fat slow ammo-dependent Steiner 'Mechs profit from a forward base that can refill their 10 tons of ammo, and weld those 20 tons of ferro-fibrous back in a few hours. Go to Comment
Pre-Con Tactical Base
Locations  (Fortification)   (Any)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-18 03:49 AM
Also! What if the modules were foldable into tracked vehicles? Meaning, a convoy approaches, deploys, and those lumbering tracked haulers open up, turning into buildings? Go to Comment
Items  (Transports)   (Combat)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-17 04:05 PM
This thing resembles that fortress from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; also, the way it ended up on that backwater is hilarious and so utterly proper for this. I bet once they figure out the jump drive, the new owners will try to use it once more. Go to Comment
MWP-6 'Red Lotus'
Items  (Ranged Weapons)   (Combat)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-17 08:03 AM
GURPS actually features a weapon like this, using tightly focused microwaves for long-range silent shots against unarmored targets.
The combination of stun and kill settings is practical, and the junkie application unique.

Still, I'd like to see something perky to set it apart. Go to Comment
Penegak Besar
Items  (Other)   (Combat)
EchoMirage's comment on 2010-05-11 03:09 AM
The lumbering tool of a lumbering regime, how appropriate. In classic Battletech, it would be an overpriced piece of junk, but when you've got nothing better, it suddenly it becomes a life-saver.
Also, when you're a civilian, you care little about whether you get stepped on by this stone-age mech, or a custom-fitted Daishi. Go to Comment
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DustWood II

       By: MoonHunter

Dustwood is technically not a wood from a specific tree. It is an created fuel for fires.

Starting with the sawdust from a sawmill, adding a mixture of wax or pitch, and a few other things, the mixture is pounded or pressed toghether tightly. It is normally smashed into a round container, so when it is slipped out, it looks like a small perfectly round "log". (actually a lathed log, but you get the idea). It can either be used as a log or slices of a log can be used for a fire.

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