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EchoMirage's comment on 2004-12-07 05:38 AM
Small metal items...
like lockpicks. Hairpins. Small daggers. Keys. Files. Screwdrivers. He likes nifty stuff like that himself, and collects it ... while of little use in nature, he managed to learn a few new tricks since he started living in the city, like "food lying around was laid there for SOME reason" or "how to kick a groin - selfdefense in three easy lessons". Having nifty stuff handy is but another of them. Go to Comment
NPCs  (Major)   (Natural)
EchoMirage's comment on 2005-10-22 04:08 AM
I checked the typos. Go to Comment
The Black Spear
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Campaign Defining)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-12-03 05:19 AM
This item shoul be used only in a campaign where the objective is to stave off the return of the dragons - in all other campaigns, it removes the respect and fear the dragons should evoke in all who face them, or just see them flying overhead.

I just wonder - what is the dark god doing with all the dragons in his realm? Perhaps his aid was not all that selfless.

A good one. 4/5 Go to Comment
The Black Spear
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Campaign Defining)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-12-04 04:35 AM
Anyone thought of ... Spawn?
You use the spear, live a life, and afterwards, you come back, as ... something else. Go to Comment
Ruha Goo
Items  (Potion)   (Combat)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-30 06:41 AM

Other side effects could include exhaustion after use, and general emaciation - while it could reduce appetite, it makes the body spend far more energy than usually.

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Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Combat)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-30 06:39 AM
Well, it has got no background at all, and is not that different from all those "ignores armour and is nasty" items.
Bad one. Go to Comment
The Green Sword
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-29 02:39 PM
Actually .. a good and decent item, with an intersting story, a tool of balance.
Less suited for campains where NPCs range all shades of gray,and the pure white and midnight black are rare.
I'd give a 3,5 - I rate a 3, and beg the next one who rates to improve his rating by one point...

What could prove interesting: whatif the sword collects all souls, or replaces those captured with new ones... if it kills one more time, the oldest victim is set free to travel to the afterlife, while the new one must dwell in it.
Also to be considered, what if only a good person can call upon a good victim and vice versa, or, for a twist, what if only a good person can call an evil victim? Who, reluctantly, must serve, to the letter of his master's wishes... Go to Comment
Lady Julia
NPCs  (Minor)   (Political)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-29 07:05 AM
I think that being unconventional and caring for people is a weakness itself, given the deadly environment of the court.
As well as that, the men whose game she's playing might resent her intrusion upon their territory... she's walking a thin line. Go to Comment
Eragor Erunk
NPCs  (Major)   (Political)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-27 04:12 AM
Rare metal from northern trolls, where a lizardman would freeze his buttocks off. Very credible.
He's not a person now, just a generic aggressive lizard.
Whatabout the impact his twin brother had (to have) on his life?

Bland. Go to Comment
Locations  (Other)   (Country/ State)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-26 04:26 AM
A weapon of mas destruction used without means to control it - does it remind us of something? With nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction at our command, we must learn reason, lest we too perish under a stormshroud.

Paradoxically, mages could use the area for negotiations, as none of them would dare to cast a spell there... Go to Comment
Locations  (Other)   (Country/ State)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-27 06:25 PM
Two thumbs up. And 5/5 Go to Comment
The Wheezing Dragon
Plots  (Discovery)   (Side-Quest)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-24 02:57 PM
A-choooo! ... I guess we need a new party Go to Comment
NPCs  (Major)   (Mystical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-21 05:23 AM
Hey hey... I like cats, but still think they're a bunch of selfish beasts, who, while they understand very well WHAT you are saying don't give a damn...
Cats ARE demonic... some truly evil, some just small mischiefous imps.
But still, I am a cats person... I even purr when I feel REALLY good... Go to Comment
NPCs  (Major)   (Mystical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-23 10:56 AM
Wait... they domesticated us. WWe build a shelter for them, bring them food and even aid them against disease and pet them when they feel like it. Who's domesticated here? Go to Comment
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-19 03:30 AM
While he can provide some comic relief, and be an 'employer' of sorts for PCs, this character leaves to be desired for... he's not all too different from the classic "unprepared nobleman/woman in need" Go to Comment
NPCs  (Major)   (Travelers)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-19 03:27 AM
An interesting character, moreso for being a great contrast to the classic "fool-around, good-for-nothing" Pooka...
His personality is realistic (for a fae:) and there are many ways to include him in an adventure.
Good post. Go to Comment
NPCs  (Major)   (Travelers)
EchoMirage's comment on 2009-04-16 05:44 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
Mind Bite
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Magical)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-17 03:43 AM
If you have a party who value role-play more than scything down legions of enemies, then this is an excellent tool to establish some more tension, say, a character growing fond of an enemy first through the dagger, but then realizing on his own that the 'villain' is not too bad anyway.. :D Go to Comment
The Queens Decree
Plots  (Duty)   (Multi-Storyline)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-16 02:10 PM
Well, the queen should have thought about this a little more - not only did she allow some gangster bosses to rise in power, but also lost the taxes she'd have normally gained from the taverns, plus promoted some tavern brawls to large scale crime...

Alternative: as long as the demand is there, alcohol will find a way into her country. Thus, she must eliminate the demand - for example, make it unfashionable to drink alcohol - "only low-lifes do drink beer, the cultivated citizen/noble drinks BubbleFizz...
Also, she could make it extremely profitable for people to export alcohol, but unprofitable to sell it at home. Just don't make it illegal... Go to Comment
NPCs  (Major)   (Natural)
EchoMirage's comment on 2004-11-16 04:58 AM
Well, in my campaign setting (I will post it one day if I happen to be not as lazy as usual...) the downfall is still in progress, and has been so for long. Some Elven nations stand proud and unbroken, as mighty Tallarn (though the culture has suffered somewhat because the Elves are not free to dedicate all their time to learning and art, having become more warlike) protected by the might of its warriors and ancient wardings, even poised to strike back at the assailants.
Some, as Arjanelles former home, have fallen centuries ago. Some are at peace with humans, as the Elves of Samea (the only truly liberal nation in my campaign), who live side by side... but Samea is beset by the very same forces that threaten Tallarn for example.
In the more savage parts, Elves shroud themselves in mystery, protected by superstition.
But on the borders of the human and dwarf empires, Elven nations crumble, most often city states unable to withstand the sheer numbers of enemies. They have but two choices - yield, and become a colony, or stand proud, and die free.

The society meets Elves with a mixture of respct and envy due to their eternal life, natural beaty and inherent magical might, but also feeling of superiority due to being a 'rising star' instead of a 'fading sun', as an Elf would say.
So, while in some byckwater an elf would be met with superstition, like ay stranger, but more so, in cosmopolitan cities they are just another sight - much like Rome, the empires engulf and assimilate. Should war break out with some elf nation, elven travellers will meet with a little more harassment from border guards and patrols, but little more.

As for the social standing of halfbreeds: some nobles have taken elven slaves as concubines to grant their offspring the longer life and magical talent elven blood brings. Whether this becomes a trend is left to be seen (children of a noble and a concubine are considered fully legitimate heirs). The social standing depends far more on lineage and wealth than your race. Elven slaves are considered just ordinary slaves (but yes, they fetch far higher prices and ae generally treated better due to being more valuable, yet theri cooperation with their owner is most often rather limited)

Any more questions? (still I think I should wrap up the setting and post it...) Go to Comment
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What to export or import....

Fabric: wool, linnen, silk...
Wood: raw-material, furniture
Metals: iron, gold, silver, copper...
Wine, beer, mead, spirits...
Animals: horses, sheep, swine, cows...
Salt, spices
Coloring-powder (for fabric, ink...)
Raw-material to make fabric: unprocessed wool, linnen, silk...
Glass: Windows, figurines, glasses, raw-material...
Shoes, clothes
Musical instruments
Tea (not sure about my spelling here, but I mean the hot drink Englishmen drink instead of coffee!)
Gem-stones: diamonds...
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