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Corporal John Heathfeld Esquire,
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Dragonkat's comment on 2013-11-27 02:38 AM
Interesting & Detailed Half-Dragon. Adopting the ninkname "Creature"
is only the start of things. Go to Comment
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Dragonkat's comment on 2013-11-23 11:16 PM
A-Trill-ia, this seems a waste to go and destroy; but a Mad Warlock (Male Witch) could make this a new layer of Limbo, if only he could gather a coven to do it...
Abner Vext has gathered three green hags, only seven more to go? Go to Comment
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Bloody Smile
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A Demon-slave of Demons, not quite human anymore/. Go to Comment
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"...the city was built on many levels, linked by stone bridges. But with the improvements in diet and corresponding increase in stature and strength of the populace, these bridges became too low, and the people would hit their heads. The bridges were eventually done away with in 1764, but the scars on the walls where they once jutted out remain, and in Low Bridge Street there is still one extant bridge, measuring about 6' high." - Chronicler Rasill, Mondopedia, Vol II (The Lands of Hyellia)

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