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Inspector Aerex Matare
NPCs  (Character Sheet)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Dozus's comment on 2006-10-05 12:20 AM
The Harpy's Kettle
Aerex wandered into Ganse a few months after his unjust ejection from the Royal Constabulary. He was hoping to find some police work, but would take even bounties as his cash dwindled. As one such bounty was catching his interest, two xaren burst from the floor of the bar. While the rest of the patron scrambled to their weapons, Aerex dove behind the bar hoping to find some weak point. He managed to discover a secret crawl space beneath the bar, but it yielded only a vial of phosophorous and a large mallet. Aerex rushed down the crawlspace corridor only to find himself out on the street. He spied a young thief who had stolen Moruz's circlet, but the town guards thought Aerex was the criminal. He convinced them otherwise, but only after the thief escaped. Matare soon met up with other adventurers from the bar and they decided to pursue the bandits who attacked Talia's caravan. Aerex used his Imperial criminal codex to identify the gang as Jervoe's Tribe. Go to Comment
Axtrami Haiq Ouzala
Items  (Equipment Listing)   (Magical)
Dozus's comment on 2006-10-04 01:11 PM
Where to begin?

This whole concept of sacred weapons and sacrifices is so ancient and yet so nuanced. I love that each Ouzala is so different, and only two are combative.

The characters are *brilliant*. So varied, so simple and yet complex. Each has their own quirks, their own calling to Axtrami.

I could go on, but I wouldn't know what else to say. This is an extraordinary post. Go to Comment
Axtrami Haiq Ouzala
Items  (Equipment Listing)   (Magical)
Dozus's comment on 2014-01-27 08:56 PM
HoH for my favorite sub in the Citadel. Go to Comment
Gehanna's Horror
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Underground)
Dozus's comment on 2006-10-04 12:16 AM
A fascinating concept. A little fleshing out and it could be very solid. Go to Comment
Brother Aethelstan
NPCs  (Character Sheet)   (Religious)
Dozus's comment on 2006-11-06 12:28 AM
Semper fi, brother! Go to Comment
The Sending of Axtrami
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Desert)
Dozus's comment on 2013-02-13 03:10 PM
Fantastic story. Go to Comment
Zhâo Wén Jûn, The Morning Lord of Writings
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (City/ Ruin)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-29 07:55 AM
Love it. Go to Comment
A Gasp of Glass
Dungeons  (Other)   (Style)
Dozus's comment on 2006-08-01 08:54 PM
I weep that it wasn't finished by the quest deadline, but I still look forward to it becoming a submission proper. Excellent idea. Go to Comment
A Gasp of Glass
Dungeons  (Other)   (Style)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-27 01:23 AM
Absolutely, 100% solid gold. Way to go, Incarnadine. Go to Comment
The Airship Firedrake
Items  (Transports)   (Combat)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-19 10:40 AM
A demon powered engine. Not bad at all. Go to Comment
30 Pirates
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-18 07:18 PM
Pirates! Go to Comment
The Devourer Of Here
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Other)
Dozus's comment on 2012-10-26 11:42 AM
If one could find some way to attract the Devourer between worlds, it could make a handy tool to "wormhole" between realms. Go to Comment
30 Necromancers
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Mystical)
Dozus's comment on 2015-02-10 01:34 PM
These are great. Go to Comment
Philosophies of the future
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-08 12:18 PM
Excellent idea and exploration. Go to Comment
Bridge Shadow
Locations  (Neighborhoods)   (Any)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-07 05:44 PM
A neat little slum. Go to Comment
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-07 05:42 PM
An archetype of greed. Good description, for some reason it evokes images of Japanese demons (maybe it's just me). Nothing n ere, true, but it was done all right enough. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Swamp)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-05 10:39 AM
What a way to go. Go to Comment
Frungy Pods
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Other)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-05 12:18 PM

Not sure about the quote in the description, though. I thought frungy pods were hard. Wouldn't calling someone a frungy-head mean they're stubborn, hard-headded? Go to Comment
Items  (Materials)   (Campaign Defining)
Dozus's comment on 2006-09-04 07:47 PM
It's not bad. Knowing you've never played FF makes me somewhat forgiving on this, but it sounds a lot like materia as introduced in FF7. I personally find nothing wrong with the name magicite, though (didn't play FF3). The good/evil stuff seems a little illogical (to me, substances are a media and have no innate good or bad, it is how they are used that determines their worth), but I'll wait for you to flesh that out before judging. Good write up.

EDIT: Thaumatrium sounds even cooler. Go to Comment
30 Assassins necromancer
NPCs  (Extras)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Dozus's comment on 2006-11-27 12:39 AM
The Brute - He will more than get the job done, but don't expect a clean kill. Not a masochist like the Mutilator, this one just happens to prefer killing by blunt force trauma more than anything else.

The Black Widow - Part seductress, part killer. She lures in her prey with her sexuality before killing them.

The Politico - She'll only take jobs that match her political leanings - or, at the least, don't oppose them. Her victims are usually found with some revolutionary pamphlet explaining the murder. These tend to be high profile contracts as well.

The Sniper - His victims never see it coming. An expert at all projectiles - bows, crossbows, darts, javelins, basically anything that can be used from a distance. He is rarely caught due to his distance from the target, but he won't dare take a shot unless he's 100% sure it'll hit, making some jobs more difficult than others.

The Decoy - Not so much a skilled assassin as an average man on the street who knows which end of the knife is pointy. If a large, prominent organization - a government, for example - wants a job done but needs to distance itself from the target for political reasons, a decoy can be hired to do the hit and take blame.

The Shadow - In and out before anyone can see her, this assassin is the definition of stealth. She can leave a mess since she leaves before any clean up can be done, but she is rarely caught. This also makes her very pricey.

The Bomber - An alchemist and sapper, this assassin specializes in explosives. A bomb can be rigged just about anywhere for the right price. He tends to move from town to town, as his explosive calling card is too distinct to stay under cover too long.

The Trapper - A wizard and woodsman, this assassin prefers to set up elaborate traps to eliminate targets. Because of the specialized nature of her work, she tends to only be useful in jobs involving castles or out-of-the-way public places, not house calls.

The Infiltrator - It doesn't matter where the target is hiding, this assassin will get in and make the hit. Particularly useful when a lord or other paranoid locks himself away in a keep or mansion. Some infiltrators have a short life expectancy: they can get in easily enough, but getting out alive is sometimes tougher. Go to Comment
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