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Selan, the Travellers
Society/ Organizations  (Travelers)   (Trans World)
Dozus's comment on 2017-02-22 02:53 PM
This is a neat concept for the Trek universe. I wonder if other civilizations in the Delta Quandrant or beyond try to follow the Selan example and become distasteful to the Borg.

It's not clear in the text: are the Selan a species, or a non-species specific group? Since they purposefully make their genetics "uninteresting" to the Borg, I wonder if some might undergo genetic therapies to join with the Selan and survive the expanding Collective. Go to Comment
Planar Cosmology of The Stolen World
Locations  (TransWorld)   (Other)
Dozus's comment on 2017-02-24 08:18 AM
Should it be spelled "planar?" Go to Comment
Book Called Regret
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Cursed)
Dozus's comment on 2012-11-05 02:52 PM
Hear hear! Ol' Corny hasn't been here in six years, and this is an interesting enough sub as-is. Go to Comment
30 Problems With Swords
Articles  (Scenario)   (Citadel Help)
Dozus's comment on 2017-01-23 07:54 AM
This is delightful. A thoroughly useable list of feebles. This could easily be set up as a table and, upon a PC acquiring a new grandiose sword, a simple roll can determine its detrimental qulaities. Go to Comment
7 Things About MacGuffins
Articles  (Rules and Advice)   (Gaming - Genre)
Dozus's comment on 2016-12-11 12:22 PM
Are you familiar with "Mr. Norrell & Jonathan Strange?" Admittantly, I have only seen the BBC series, so I'm sure I'm missing critical details, but I would venture that The Raven King is a Macguffin for that story, as essential and brief he actually is.

Another handy reference guide for a common, largely unavoidable trope. Go to Comment
Locus Amoenus
Locations  (Area)   (Plains)
Dozus's comment on 2016-12-11 12:19 PM
I never put a term to the trope. This is a useful analysis. Go to Comment
Metric Time
Systems  (Technical/ Mechanical)   (Specific)
Dozus's comment on 2016-12-04 11:26 PM
As usual, a well thought-out divination of the future that perfectly fits the Cosmic Era setting. Go to Comment
The Sage Mugwort
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Natural)
Dozus's comment on 2016-12-03 08:09 PM
How interesting! She starts kind of Bombadilish, but the sudden existential turn was unexpected. A good twist in this cliche archetype series you've made. Go to Comment
So How Was That Made?
Articles  (Other Gaming)   (Game Mastering)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-28 12:22 PM
15. Aliens!

The item just fell from the sky one day. Everyone assumes it was from the gods, but a close examination by a person of knowledge will reveal this is clearly a work of complex handicraft from some unknown being. Perhaps a passing UFO tossed it out with the trash. Go to Comment
So How Was That Made?
Articles  (Other Gaming)   (Game Mastering)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-28 12:22 PM
A handy reference list. This certainly has room for expansion. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-25 01:15 PM
This is delightful. Fiddling, hat-wearing, jungle spiders. What's not to like? Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-26 08:48 PM
Also, kudos for for taking a sub out of In-Work after ten years! Go to Comment
Conventions of Galactic Cartography
Systems  (Geological/ Geographical)   (General)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-21 10:41 AM
Ask Mageek! That guy seems to know graphic embedding like a champ. Go to Comment
Conventions of Galactic Cartography
Systems  (Geological/ Geographical)   (General)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-21 08:48 AM
This is some handy info, even if I can't quite wrap my head around it. I wonder if an illustration would be helpful? But, as your AI says, that's a rather human way to approach the complexities of space travel. Go to Comment
Fainter Stars: Blackwatch
Locations  (Regional)   (Space)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-21 08:46 AM
This complements but is quite distinct from Ang's Crater. You really build the MacGregor-Campbell clans characters and conflict. Plots are very well thought out. Again, great setting build.

What's the relation to "Fainter Stars" and the Dynastic Migration setting? If you keep posting into this setting - and I anticipate you are - you should consider creating a submission region to link them all together. It's cleaner and more navigable than a freetext, and I think you have a good number to start it with. Go to Comment
Fainter Stars: Ang's Crater
Locations  (Regional)   (Space)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-21 08:17 AM
Wow, this is really thorough. You've obviously thought out the wider setting of this universe, but even that aside the little characters and details make this adaptable to lots of space settings. The plots really bring it all together. Very nicely done. Go to Comment
A Brief History of County Siogal
Articles  (Setting Building)   (Gaming - Genre)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-15 08:00 PM
Indeed! Trying to kick some In-work stuff into full subs, using it to springboard more of the setting. My sub from earlier this week, Gléasanna an Cruthú, is from the same setting. Go to Comment
Enigma Ciphers
Articles  (Resource)   (Game Mastering)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-14 07:43 PM
This is a really awesome and well-explained (and illustrated!) dive into cryptography. I kind of knew how the Enigma machine work, but you made it concrete for me.

You mostly talked about a modern setting with computers and whatnot. I wonder how it could be adapted to a fantasy setting. Some of the less complex methods you mentioned that are components of Enigma could be employed with more basic technology. I can see a Da Vinci type coming up with such an encoding system in an earlier era.

For added fun, a physical decryptor would add a lot to a game. Here's a 3D printed Enigma device:
Simpler tools like Caesar cypher wheels can be made with even more ease.

Anyway, this excellent sub sparked a lot in my mind. Very well done. Go to Comment
Gléasanna an Cruthú, or the Instruments of Creation
Items  (Art and Music)   (Magical)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-17 01:43 PM
I didn't explicitly say so, but ideas for other songs and such are welcome. :D Go to Comment
Degrees of Possession
Articles  (Resource)   (Game Mastering)
Dozus's comment on 2016-11-09 02:09 PM
This is a good baseline for mechanics regarding possession. I wonder if there would be events that trigger progression and saving rolls? Trauma, temptations, etc.? Go to Comment
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