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30 Merchants
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Mercantile)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-23 03:25 PM
What can I say that hasn't already been said? The dialog, combined with a short sketch of each business and personality paints a really clear picture for any GM to follow. This is definitely going into the binder! Go to Comment
30 Merchants
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Mercantile)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-23 03:23 PM
31.) Old Man Humbert, Scroll Dealer and Professional Enchanter
"Welcome, welcome children. How can old Humbert help you today? . . . Protection against fire-breathers, eh? That reminds me of the time young Faravold fought that dragon up the coast a bit, nasty business. Now where were we . . . ? Fire-breathing, yes, yes! Let me just go get a few extra things from the back . . . (many minutes later). Oh! Didn't know I had visitors today. . . . Who were you again?"

A retired wizard of some reknown, Old Humbert manages a small enchanting business that provides for his few needs and little more. He is extremely absentminded and has horrible short-term memory, a combination which ensures that his business will never be very profitable. Humbert will often miscast orders ("fire-breathing" instead of "protection from fire-breathing"), double-enchant something if he forgets that he has already done it, and even add in extra things that the customer hasn't asked (or payed) for. On some days, he is fortunate to be helped by his adolescent granddaughter, Elsie, who is fiercely protective of the old man. Any extra coin he does manage to scrape together usually goes into buying small gifts for her. Go to Comment
30 Horses
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Dossta's comment on 2011-04-25 01:32 PM

Congratulations on the Golden, Scarasamax.  Though I've seen it referenced in many places on the site, this is the first time that I've taken the chance to read it, and boy am I glad I did!  My personal favorites are The Bagooran Usha.  Great 30.

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Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin
Locations  (Area)   (Swamp)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-17 05:11 PM
The Pool of Midas

By far the deepest well of water in the entire basin, this boiling-hot pool of clear green water is a mere five feet across, but plunges to a depth of at least 30 feet. Researchers soon discovered that any living creature dipped in the water turns into solid gold. Unfortunately, this has the immediate side-effect of killing the creature in question, and the now heavy-as-stone statue is wont to slip from the sweaty fingers of whoever is performing the experiment. If cooled and consumed, the water is invariably fatal (after all, a gold stomach is pretty useless), but it also loses all of its potency within three days of being removed from the pool.

The potential for cruelty and misuse, combined with rising concerns over the local economy, have ensured that this pool remains strictly off-limits to the general public. The general boardwalk was never extended as far as this pool, and only a select few even know of its existence. Go to Comment
30 Disasters!
Plots  (Event)   (Encounter)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-15 01:06 PM
I enjoyed this list immensely. If you just want a distraction or a breather while the party deals with a big, random event, this certainly fulfills the requirements. If, however, you have limited sessions and want to keep the party focused on the central plot, you will have to find some way to tie these disasters back to the story. Go to Comment
Oraki - A New Look at Robots
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
Dossta's comment on 2010-11-29 05:28 PM

Two quick questions: can Oraki change their skin/hair coloring at will?  You make it sound like they can when you said that the females "favor" pastels, but didn't explicitly mention it elsewhere.  Second, I understand that they are supposedly a merging of man and machine, as envisioned by Dr. Orak & heirs.  How exactly did the spark of consciousness pass to them?  Were there human "test subjects" involved in their creation?

Wins my patented (R) Smashing-Sub-of-theDay Award.  Have an HoH.

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Bellissa's plea
Plots  (Coincidence)   (Mini-Campaign)
Dossta's comment on 2011-01-14 01:29 PM

Just . . .  wow.  My soft spot for dragons might be messing with my judgement here, but really, who wouldn't want a dragon as their friend?  The only concern I have is that, once the dragonlings are a bit older, they become formidable companions.  It's a lot of power to grant an adventuring party, especially early in their careers.

Some ways to offset this:

General prejudice of the population against the dragon-friends.  They might have a hard time finding work after this.

Weapons with anti-dragon powers now work equally well against PCs.

Perhaps only allow one or two dragonlings to survive, to be cared for by the whole party rather than by each member.  If the party ever splits, expect custody disputes to ensue.

These are rather small nitpicks to an otherwise excellent submission.  Have an HoH!

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30 Mercenaries
NPCs  (Minor)   (Combative)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-15 12:20 PM
This 30 has exactly the right amount of detail -- you don't bore us with paragraphs for each entry, but give us more than just a line or three to use during play. Mercenaries should run the gamut of races and backgrounds, and I was happy to see a lot of variation in this list. I especially liked number 11. Go to Comment
30 Guards
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Combative)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-09 08:21 PM
These are pretty good, but I was a little disappointed to see so many repeats from your other 30s in here. Particularly, you like using The Snitch, The Undercover, The Drugged, The Cultist and several others to fill out multiple 30s lists.  Just glad to see that The Racist didn't make an appearance again. Go to Comment
Game Cliches
Articles  (Humor/ Editorial)   (Gaming - In General)
Dossta's comment on 2013-05-17 04:57 PM
Fun, though-provoking and a little silly, all at once. I could probably use ALL of these in a single game with my group, however, and I don't think they'd notice or get bored -- it's only cliche after someone has been exposed to it a bunch. For brand new gamers or those without much background in fantasy settings, I bet a lot of these could still be very effective. Go to Comment
30 Imps
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mystical)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-04 05:08 PM
One of my favorite 30s, hands-down. I absolutely love Klewar, and would love to play him in a game (and as the GM, I get to do that :D). This is such a fantastic assortment of personalities, vices and abilities, and I'm glad that you stuck to the same format for all of them. Each entry is of consistent quality and usefulness. And the names!

Cannot say enough good things about this sub. My only dilemma now is how to use it! Do I hand the PCs a list of names and a short blurb on their abilities (letting the personality and appearance be a surprise), or do I just let them roll a random imp and keep replacing it until they find one they like? So many things to think about . . . Go to Comment
30 of The Horde
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Combative)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-04 02:55 PM
For some reason, I really like Green Vest. No idea why, but he strikes me as oddly endearing. Go to Comment
30 Aristocrats
NPCs  (Extras)   (Political)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-04 02:15 PM
It's nice to have a grab-bag of all the classics in one spot, to use for inspiration. You relied a little too heavily on the insanity ploy, methinks, but otherwise this is a very useful list! Go to Comment
The Shrew-Haters
Plots  (Mystical)   (Mini-Campaign)
Dossta's comment on 2011-01-13 03:59 PM

Bringing this one back to light.  This is a questline that I'd very much like to run one day, given the right group of players.  Winner of my patented "Smashing Sub of the Day" award -- have an HoH!

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30 Men of Nyir
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Combative)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-04 01:01 PM
The kind of characters you'd find in some of George R. R. Martin's work. My only nitpick is the title -- "Men of Nyir" doesn't immediately tell a casual browser what they'll find in this article, and I'm afraid that it could be overlooked. "30 Men of Arms" is less specific, but has a better chance of being seen by those who could use this. Just a thought. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (City/ Ruin)
Dossta's comment on 2012-09-14 05:44 PM
Eugh. A horridly splendid submission, though I wish I hadn't read it before lunch. It's the little things -- the excellent narration, the fact that Moleskin doesn't kill the women sent to him but does arguably much worse, the fur instead of the scales . . . it all comes together brilliantly to create a thoroughly repulsive villain. I wonder if he has a greater plan, coming slowly together over the centuries. Perhaps further fratricide? Killing off the rest of the healthy brood seems like the sort of petty activity he'd engage in. Well done! Go to Comment
30 Prisoners
NPCs  (Extras)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-04 12:30 PM
I was expecting fantasy, but this is a good list nonetheless. You might consider changing the title, though, to 30 Modern Prisoners or something in order to avoid confusion. Go to Comment
What Has It Got in Its Pocketses?
Items  (Equipment Listing)   (Non-Magical)
Dossta's comment on 2011-01-26 11:53 AM

Very useful sub.  I would like to see it organized a bit better, and the randomizer link updated, but overall I love this!

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Ullhyr T'Lar-Yin
Dungeons  (Underground)   (Style)
Dossta's comment on 2010-12-07 11:44 AM

I had to ruminate on this one for awhile, but after chewing through the vivid imagery and "oohing" over the biting dialogue, I find that I wouldn't want to send an adventuring group down here unless they were armed . . . to the teeth.  (ok I'll stop now).

Seriously, though, fantastic dungeon.  Tightly themed, extremely useable and macabre as hell.  The only thing I didn't like were the insta-kill dragon maw "Passage of Teeth".  A solid 5/5, and I don't give those out that often.

Wins my patented "Smashing Sub of the Day" award.  Have an HoH.

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30 Brigands
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Combative)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-03 07:41 PM
Kinda surprised I hadn't voted on this one yet, especially since I had long-since printed it out and added it to my GM's binder. It's a bit darker than many of the 30s, but that is appropriate given the material. Wishing you'd added an entry for the brigand leader himself, though. Go to Comment
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