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30 Quick NPC Personalities
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
Dossta's comment on 2015-12-28 03:08 PM
Pretty good, could definitely use one two on a single NPC to make them feel more rounded.

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30 Mecha Pilots
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Combative)
Dossta's comment on 2015-12-23 02:24 PM
Your 30s are always solid, and this one is no exception. The only thing I would have liked to see is some linkage between the pilots -- some shared plot hooks, friendships or enmities. Was almost expecting to find an entry for #11's son (possibly #30?).

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The Star Hammer
Items  (Ranged Weapons)   (Campaign Defining)
Dossta's comment on 2013-03-05 11:35 AM
Far more interesting to me was the idea of someone called the "System Killer". If Ender was torn up over destroying a single planet, what must this NPC feel like? Go to Comment
30 Ships
Items  (Transports)   (Non-Magical)
Dossta's comment on 2015-12-15 02:27 PM
The variety in the names themselves is impressive. Not hugely applicable outside of the fantasy and historical genres, but the details included for each entry really bring these craft to life. I especially loved the Breathing Wind and the Thol Modra.

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30 Beers
Articles  (Campaign)   (Gaming - In General)
Dossta's comment on 2013-05-06 04:36 PM
I don't know what I liked more about this sub -- the names, or the descriptions. They just got better and better with each entry. I DO wish that you would finally edit #3 into the list, even if you just use axlerowe's suggestion. This makes it into the binder -- right next to my collection of tavern names and menus. Go to Comment
30 Beers
Articles  (Campaign)   (Gaming - In General)
Dossta's comment on 2013-05-06 04:37 PM
Also, you should consider adding the 30 freetext to this sub. Would make it even easier to find. Go to Comment
30 Divine Concepts
Systems  (Societal/ Cultural)   (Defining)
Dossta's comment on 2013-03-19 02:41 PM
Truly unique systems of worship and divinity are difficult to come up with. I don't like all of these, but I recognize the effort that went into working them out. My favorite is probably "Deeds, not words". Go to Comment
Descriptive combat
Articles  (Rules and Advice)   (Gaming - In General)
Dossta's comment on 2011-01-18 02:39 PM

This is exactly how I would like my combat to go, but how do you get there?  I have worked on narrating actions of NPCs and the reactions of enemies that the PCs are engaging, but I have only managed to get a few interesting bits from my players.  Trying to inspire is great . . . but what else is there?

I suppose I could try awarding XP for stunts, but that seems cheap and will probably wear off after awhile.  I suppose my question becomes: what tricks do the GMs on this site use to encourage better combat roleplaying from their PCs?  This article does a great job of showing us the goal.  Now where's the rest?

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Descriptive combat
Articles  (Rules and Advice)   (Gaming - In General)
Dossta's comment on 2011-01-19 11:50 AM

The update is definitely helpful, thanks.  Will be trying some variation of the tokens at our next game.  Revoting now. . .

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Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (City/ Ruin)
Dossta's comment on 2013-05-28 05:09 PM
The spiders are very cool, but the Redstone Complex has my interest. I don't know if you ever expanded it into a full dungeon or not, but it seems like it would make a great stomping-grounds for a Steampunk game. Go to Comment
Wobble jelly
Items  (Other)   (Non-Magical)
Dossta's comment on 2013-05-29 11:37 AM
Personally, I like "Jumping Jelly" -- not original, but very descriptive. I like the thought you put into its use, and I bet an adventuring party could think of even more ways to harness this stuff. Not entirely clear on how the pre-determined solid forms are crafted, but I could see a key or other important item being hidden in plain sight, if crafted from this stuff. Go to Comment
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (Area)
Dossta's comment on 2013-04-11 02:54 PM
I'm so glad that you wrote a new piece around this religion. Otherwise I may never have found this gem! I absolutely love Whrrrm, and Kecet as well. Perhaps it was just the write-up, but I have a hard time seeing this deity as evil, given its propensity to help those that cannot be healed any other way. I do wonder what its long-term goals might be, but for now I am just happy this sub exists. Go to Comment
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
Dossta's comment on 2015-12-15 01:26 PM
Everything a 30 should be -- complete, useful, and thought-provoking. Could easily be applied to any genre, with a little imagination. Looking forward to drawing on this in the future.

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101+ Scenes in the Modern Western City
Locations  (City)   (Any)
Dossta's comment on 2015-12-11 03:01 PM
Damned fine list, MH. We need one of these for every setting -- fantasy, western, sci-fi, cyberpunk, etc.

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Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Desert)
Dossta's comment on 2010-11-08 03:46 PM

Ha!  The Dogo Dance, indeed!  That made me laugh, thanks.

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30 Entertainers
NPCs  (Minor)   (Artistic/Performance)
Dossta's comment on 2015-12-11 02:08 PM
Skill sets nicely fleshed out, with some interesting plot hooks. I especially liked the Satirist and the Secret Bodyguard. Could use a tiny bit more on some of them -- appearances, personalities and the like -- but this is a nice, solid 30. Agree with Val, though, that Joe average could be replaced.

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Zhalinth Deshar
Items  (Other)   (Cursed)
Dossta's comment on 2012-07-17 05:31 PM
Loved this little thing. It has so many varied uses and could cause no end of trouble. Plot hooks abound! Go to Comment
30 Bottles of Wine
Items  (Potion)   (Heroic)
Dossta's comment on 2013-07-02 05:45 PM
I'm not really a wine-person, but I really enjoyed this piece. You give just enough detail to bring each vintage to life without boring us with unnecessary embellishment. I also liked that you created several wines based off of other submissions, though I, too, would have preferred a touch more fantasy. My favs were probably the scorpion wine, and the dwarven brew.

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30 Wilderness Plots
Plots  (Coincidence)   (Side-Quest)
Dossta's comment on 2013-06-28 02:33 PM
The only real criticism I have here is that the title is not an accurate description of this sub's contents. Four ideas does not make a 30. The plots themselves make nice side-quests, and I could see this submission becoming a rather useful collection with a little more input.

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NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
Dossta's comment on 2010-09-29 06:08 PM
Beautiful sub. I'd love to build a campaign around this at some point. Go to Comment
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Foot Coral. It attatches to a foot like moss, almost gluing itself to an organism. It gets its food supply from the ground, and does not leech off the host in any way. It is not a malignant organism, and is entirely harmless. But it only grows on human feet, and even then, never on the left foot. An organism that it grows on can feel touch through the coral, but not pain. Removal of the coral is painless, but why would you want to?

Texturally, if fells like a dry, non slimy amoeba.

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