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Music during a game
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DaWergyling's comment on 2005-12-08 11:18 AM
True. I already downloaded them when I went througha Diablo 2 phase, and have used them for listening. I never really thought about that.... Good idea. Go to Comment
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DaWergyling's comment on 2005-10-24 09:01 PM
Glass Weapons

That reminds me of another idea. What if the glass spikes are hollow, and provided there's enough force to break them, you could add acid or poision, but of course, the crafter would have to be an expert glassblower to be able to do that, and unless you're up to getting the poison inside by some means, you could having the spikes have a screw-on part. Open the spike, put in the acid/poison, close it, stick it in the pit, and there you go. Go to Comment
Lost Saga
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DaWergyling's comment on 2003-12-16 08:15 PM
Ah yes, but not only that, the blade only talks to the farmer.
Can't you imagine it? The one person fated to the world is thought to be a loony for talking to this old sword.

hehehehehe Go to Comment
Unattainable Glory
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DaWergyling's comment on 2003-01-26 08:19 AM
First an foremost, expand on this. Make a Asarth Awrun character, (Post it in characters). Also, how does he do it? There's a lot to build on, and I mean that in the most positive way.
P.S. Perhaps Asarth Awrun is the soldier who drew the sword Go to Comment
Helping the Grazuul Tribe
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-19 04:11 PM
This really contradicts the usual kill-everyone-then-ask-questions approach, which more plots should do. Good one. Go to Comment
Dragon-lord's Gift
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-15 03:10 PM
Hmmmm.... So they can make everyone happy and bring down the wrath of Cholek upon the village, or capture a mini demon of Cholek's, and bring it to Daerun, but then, if Cholek knew of this, and Daerun, he might slaughter the village and get he h*ll outta there. Either way, the PCs are in a tough fix. Of course, if the PCs are quick about getting the demon to Daerun, then the village may be saved.

This'll be a hard decision for the heros. Go to Comment
Antule's schism
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-15 03:23 PM
Hmmmm.... The setting is perfect, now for the perfect villain... For the question of WHO, why not make it the one in Seceret life of the assasin. That would be sweet. Now for why........ Lets look at the possibilities... A third party wanting to overthrow both religions and become the dominant one, The local insane anarchist, someone that thinks more attention should be paid towards town security and is willing to go to extremes to prove their point, etc. Lots of Possibilites. Go to Comment
The Castle (A.K.A. Dreamweaver's Revenge)
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-12 04:45 PM
They sleep then awake with the wounds they got in the nightmare. After a few weeks of this, they could die. Of course GMs that aren't feeling sadistic would always give the heros a way to survive, and also probably would make only one instant-death trap. Go to Comment
The Castle (A.K.A. Dreamweaver's Revenge)
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-19 04:15 PM
Nah. The dreamweaver does the dream torment. The druid, (could be) a mercenary, who has been hired to alter the weather, or an underling, etc. Hmmmmm. An old enemy.... That'd work also. Go to Comment
The Dreamweaver Affair
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-09 03:40 PM
Sorry 'bout that Strolen. What I was thinkning was a dream spell, (D&D spell lists, where the person recieving the dream gets a message from the caster, but in this case, they are sent a vision and awake in a room with the rack, red hot pincers, casket w/ spikes inside, the works.) only this form of the spell is independently researched plus a quasi-real source of damage, (question: are dreams REALLY just figments of our imagination?) and if the subject convinces themselves the dream is unreal, naturally, they only take 1/5 damage. Go to Comment
Red Erring
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-11-25 09:57 PM
Yeah... Sometimes the heros don't get it... Good way to deal with that. Go to Comment
Deck of Fate
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-13 07:58 PM
This is the most thoroughly made item I've ever seen... Wow... Go to Comment
Shelter Shingle
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-14 07:26 PM
This makes me think of two spells in the 3e spell lists: Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion and Phase door. Go to Comment
Marek's Bear Skin
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-19 04:22 PM
hmmm. An item wanting to kill someone..... Interesting Go to Comment
Last Torch Standing
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-14 07:30 PM
Gotta say, one good idea! I agree with ephemeralstability; VERY ORIGINAL! Maybe when using THIS torch, the PC might get a -4 penalty using it, instead of the +2. Go to Comment
Last Torch Standing
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DaWergyling's comment on 2003-01-19 02:07 PM
Another thing,

Perhaps, if the PCs are going to light the torch, and notice they are being held back by something, they may burn the torch, thinking that its evil and out to get them. At this time, it may act like the ring of power (LOTR), and possibly control the person trying to burn it, or one of their companions, to either light the summoned torches, or stop the torch itself from being burnt. Also, when you said that the torch could control fire, (of torches) would that mean if the heros were walking down a corridor with unused torches on the walls, if the torch wanted to, the torches would light up as they walked along the corridor, and maybe light a torch that an enemy was looking at closely (ow! my eye!) , or wearing?? Go to Comment
Blades of Majesty
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-13 07:34 PM
Yeah, I love mind-affecting and mind-afflicting items and effects..... This would also be a nice gift for a PC.... Maybe.. Go to Comment
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-10 08:27 PM
Heres a plot idea: The heros are recruited by a wizard (its actually an illusion, or Phobia just polymorphing herself) to get to the tangleweed box before another group does, and bring it to him/her to find another hiding place. Imagine the consequences of success... The heros won't get much treasure, but at least will learn not to trust strange wizards. Then of course, what will they do with phobia? Make her a box? Go to Comment
Lyrian Necklace
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-19 04:20 PM
THAT is cool. Go to Comment
Queen Ari the Reluctant
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DaWergyling's comment on 2002-12-09 03:34 PM
Of course, if the third person wants to get her for a larger organization, and they want her for a special reason, this could go a lot deeper....... Go to Comment
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