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Evil mischief with gremlins
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CrimsonShadow's comment on 2005-12-05 12:58 PM
What keeps the creators from coming back? Why do the gremlins bother with it? Do people come there often enough to keep them entertained? A lit bit of background for the place would go a long way. Go to Comment
City of Rivals
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CrimsonShadow's comment on 2005-11-29 05:44 PM
I'm interested in the plot, my only suggestion would be to flush out the two consortiums. Maybe that belongs here, or maybe in the organization section linked to here. Go to Comment
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       By: manfred

The adventure can take place in a slightly shifted reality, where everybody has a totem (an animal guardian). The totem should be chosen randomly and not by the player, it is ok if "Gorflin the Large," a gigantic and aggressive barbarian, has a mouse for a totem.

These totems will assist the characters in small way. It is up to the characters to determine how to get the assistance; the animals won't solve mysteries for the characters only supply the clues. The character may even have a dream where his or her totem actually speaks to them and reveals some sort of clue.

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