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Corinth's comment on 2007-10-11 08:17 PM
Glad you like it. Players need a crutch. As long as it's not overused. Go to Comment
Magic as an Attribute
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Corinth's comment on 2010-02-15 11:23 AM
Beautiful. Go to Comment
Jugan's Arrow
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Corinth's comment on 2007-08-04 11:47 PM
I like it. It's simple, has history, and is heroic enough to wrap up THE FINAL BATTLE or what-have-you. Go to Comment
The Great and Terrible Awe-Inspiring Powers of Math?
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Corinth's comment on 2007-06-07 12:02 PM
Updated: Added a few things Go to Comment
The Great and Terrible Awe-Inspiring Powers of Math?
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Corinth's comment on 2007-06-12 10:44 PM
True - and good point - those patterns turn up alot in fantasy rpgs, the orientation of the planes, the interaction of the key elements; but thats part of what I'm trying to say, that we take what we know and add it to what we suspect or believe, but we always forget to carry the one... And as for moser day society being any wiser (chuckle), we now have the capacity for even greater stupidity, and we have all sorts of people that are educated beyond their intelligence to prove it! Go to Comment
Empty Pockets
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-24 12:06 AM
I'll have more to come on both the Sorcerous Styles and Apparel Shoppe and Augustus Sardius Rex III. Go to Comment
Empty Pockets
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-24 09:31 PM
It is a bit rushed, I rediscovered an old stack of ideas and characters (covered with Dust of Sneezing and Choking) and decided to post a few before midnight. Pockets can only hold what can fit into it sideways, but the extradimensional area can be of any shape (think of it as a pair of jeans with the pocket cut out, you could fit a slim shotgun, but you'd be hard pressed to fit a laptop). Objects in the pocket have no weight, but the opening into the extradimensional space disappears in antimagic zones as if it had been sealed. Go to Comment
Skeleton Key
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-24 12:44 AM
I've only played core D&D and looked into Bureau 13. None of the group I'm playing with really has time to learn any new modules. Go to Comment
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-24 09:03 PM
Well sure, genetics engineering is long possible in 3k, but a self-maintaining entity not based on any other lifeform would be incredibly difficult to create, even with the resources and technology available in the 31st century after decades of in-depth research. As for cryogenics and resultant tech, the larger systems do have this, and less complicated/longer lasting components, but even that far in the future such features take up space. They could add such things, but the system whould become much more expensive and would not fit into basic component slots. Besides, needing to replace the chip, being much better than the competition as it is, keeps customers coming back for more, and draws attention to other products. Ever wonder why computer companies make so much money? Go to Comment
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-24 01:52 AM
Updated: Extreme Submission Makeover Completed: Resolved contradictions, added more detail, exercised common sense... Go to Comment
Cuneiform Island
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-20 12:17 PM
Holarus: Hey, have you found that tablet yet?
Fulminus: Yes, but I'm still looking! Go to Comment
The Silver Corp
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-16 08:28 PM
Updated: Fixed syntax error Go to Comment
The Hanging Mill
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-15 11:51 PM
Very...Interesting. Hmm, yes, I think I saw a special about an Ol' West hanging mill a while back. Maybe the death of the scholar awoke some dark desert god. His death could have been treated as a sacrafice, perhaps this diety was imprisoned in a desert so gallows' fruit would never again decorate the trees of his land. In return for the sacrafice, and the steady stream of them to follow, the dark diety grants the gift of water, tainted, unholy water that will bring the vagabonds under his will, an army of living undead to rise from the sands... Go to Comment
Space Combat - Weapons
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Corinth's comment on 2007-04-16 11:37 PM
The Snot Rocket

Actually developed in pre-space warfare ages the Snot Rocket is a propelled, gel based, acid bomb. Cheap but effective, the powerful acid (developed from commercial cleaning agents), though a disgusting neon green blob, eats holes right through enemy armor. It is widely assumed that the use of gas-state propellants to launch the canisters was originally some sick army technician’s idea of a joke, as it makes a very audible sneezing sound. The weapon was abandoned due to the lack of explosions, quick kills, and the tendency of the stuff to glow and eat through canisters. Go to Comment
FTL drives
Systems  (Transportation)   (Defining)
Corinth's comment on 2007-04-16 10:50 PM
In real life there is an effect in microelectronics called quantum tunneling, an electron approaches a barrier, but disappears before touching it, but in the same instant the sane electron, or an exact copy, appears on the other side, well away from the barrier. Perhaps a method of FTL travel would be to project a charged barrier, wavefront, or bubble in front or around the vessel. I’m not sure that it could work, or how it could work, but I’ll leave that for those who are professionally educated beyond their capacity.
Then of course there’s the whole tachyon vs. tardyon physics. Although the process of scanning for tachyon particles actually creates the particles scanned for, according to today’s experts. So tachyon particles might just be white noise, but if one could transform or better yet, reconfigure, tardyon particles to tachyon form, space travel would be unlimited. The problem is that tachyon particles operate on reverse principles from tardyon particles. For normal matter the effort is to get it moving, but it can’t move faster than light (though in real life scientist have speed light up faster than light, as well as slowed it down almost to standstill), for tachyon matter the effort is to slow them down, but they must move at the speed of light or faster. The other problem is that different tachyon particles move at different speeds, so to keep the ship and passengers from being ripped to bits specific particles must be chosen, and ones with the same properties as their normal counterparts, so that biological and technological processes can still continue, and so the drive can be turned off. Horror stories could abound about all the tests gone wrong.
And the piece de resistance, the non-space drive – Combining inertialess drive and field projection technologies it creates a non-space pocket in which to immerse a vessel. The interaction of the field with normal space moves it, but the ship travels as the crow pilots, in a strait line, slipping through all normal boundaries, like a stone through water. Inherent problems: if non-space is out of the space-time continuum it is possible that time does not exist there, in which case you would be frozen, helpless, in non-time, unable to pilot or disengage. The second main concern is that if someone collapsed the field you might be stuck in non-space, and since everybody’s non-space envelope is different, there would be no way to rescue you. Go to Comment
FTL drives
Systems  (Transportation)   (Defining)
Corinth's comment on 2007-07-16 01:01 AM
How about Quantum Interspace Frequency Resonance?

It is well known that field harmonics can produce startling effects. If it can shatter a wine glass why cant it provide near-instantaneous travel? Simply place machines built to project static fields of specific and separate frequencies here and there throughout known space, with attached monitoring stations (like the towers at the airport), and in reply to an all clear you simply set your hull to vibrating at the exact same unique frequency. It could work. Go to Comment
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