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The Golden Spiral Door
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Citadel's comment on 2009-09-15 08:20 PM
the door is simply that, a door, litterly propped up against the wall if you break the door then you cant go can move the door. you can do whatever but if you break it then you go nowhere...

Manfred, your idea of an elevator intrigues me. if continuing along this line of thinking you could really have something simmilar to the glass elevator of willy wonka (sorry about bring him in here, but it works) where the numbers are listed as buttons but not in order of the sequence thus figuring out the sequence is impractical yet time consuming.

you could litterly hit a button in the correct sequence such as with the library on the 4th "door" such as hitting the buttons 1,1,2,3 thus entering the library. thus making higher numbers and combinations possible... Go to Comment
The Golden Spiral Door
Dungeons  (Other)   (Doors)
Citadel's comment on 2009-09-15 08:21 PM
better??? Go to Comment
The Golden Spiral Door
Dungeons  (Other)   (Doors)
Citadel's comment on 2009-10-19 07:06 PM
work is currently is its overhaul stage...haven't gotten around to completing it yet.... Go to Comment
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Citadel's comment on 2009-09-14 11:12 PM
i like the fact that it is very believable. I could actually use it in my story character's grimrois. Go to Comment
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Having left the hush of the upper halls, and crossed the depths of the Braeth (an underground river, which is not all that deep because bear in mind we're talking about gnomes here), you would find yourself in Wattling Street, the main road through Udnalor. It's actually a long, well-worn passageway which opens out eventually into the City Centre. The gnome-buildings branch off Wattling Street as small burrows or caverns with boulder-blocked doorways for privacy. You can find armourers and smiths (though their armour tends to be on the small side for humans to buy) and many other types of trader.

There are many streets, ginnels and cooies which run off Wattling Street, the most famous probably being Smell Street, the domain of the infamous gnomish alchemists, the eponymous smell being very distinctive: the stench of cooking fungus, the aroma of subterranean spices, the pungent reek of rotting carcasses (used in some of the more notorious experiments). An encounter with an alchemist can really be spiced up (excuse the pun) if you have a well-stocked herb cupboard, and actually make up the potions, elixirs and draughts as they are ordered by characters.

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