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Cowl of False Reputation
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Catherine's comment on 2007-10-09 07:57 PM
I think it is great idea. Especially if the PC do not know that the cowel has any magical properties. Go to Comment
Four Arms
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Catherine's comment on 2007-06-25 06:58 PM
I just found this, it is perfect for the campaign that I am running. Thanks again for another great idea. Go to Comment
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Ardwals Focus

       By: valadaar

If it was a castle, it was the strangest one he had ever seen.

He of course saw the main tower - taller than anything he had seen outside of Stoneholt, the spire looked fragile and was topped by a glassed-in chamber.

The outer wall was so gently sloped that it would have only stopped a horde of hobbling old men, an able-bodied soldier could stride up to its crest with little effort. Within one saw a huge, nearly perfect bowl-shaped area with the base of the tower in the centre, covered in hundreds of mirrors.


This structure is a massive solar collector designed by the Wizard-King Aardwal in centuries past. He used the concentrated light in his investigations into the magic of light, and in the fashioning of flash crystals.

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