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The Kingmakers, Session 17
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Caelia's comment on 2013-01-25 09:38 PM
Things are looking quite interesting, if I can ask. No session 16? Did nothing happen then? Also when can we except the next session? Go to Comment
The Kingmakers, Session 5
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Caelia's comment on 2012-11-03 06:29 AM
So what exactly is the locust? Or are you saving that for later? Go to Comment
The Non-Assassination of Jaspar Zane
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Caelia's comment on 2012-10-08 05:06 PM
Cannot wait to see how this plays out, I enjoyed reading the beginning of your CRTF sessions. Will you be updating this with summaries?

Also, I have to say I read "Althalos Yerel" entry and thought of it to be cliché at first, then I finished reading it. I cannot wait to see the mishaps that would happen due to it. Same with "Valen Aventura" he looks like someone that would cause a ruckus as well. Go to Comment
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Justified Curses

       By: Cheka Man

Magical curses are rarely cast, as if cast on someone for fun or purely maliciously and the person cursed has not done something seriously wrong, it tends to ricochet back on the curser. Therefore the few who do get cursed are shunned by most people as genuinely guilty,and few will help them.

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