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Mechanical Traps
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
Bloodredblade's comment on 2006-01-04 03:45 PM
The players are in a very small room, containing a pedestal with a jewel on it. (real or fake, depending.) The player walks towards it. about halfway through they hear a clicking noise (blades lining up, but outwardly nothing happens.) No matter how the player searches, they find nothing strange. upon picking up the jewel, two blades quickly swing out from the sides, slicing their tendons. they have just enough time to look up, from the floor, as a great battle axe drops from the ceiling, severing their spinal chord. ( upon picking the jewel up, a miniscule string, like fishing line, comes up with it. even the slightest tug on said string triggers the trap.) If the player somehow survives the axe, they probably can't do anything else for a long, long time. Go to Comment
A Dash of Salt
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Bloodredblade's comment on 2005-12-24 06:02 PM
Blood Vine Stew

10 cups water

1/2 cup crush garlic cloves

1lb dumplings

1 tbs lemon juice or mint (depends on flavor taste)

5 cups crushed or shredded blood vine leaves

1/2lbs diced carrots

1 source of open flame

pork added accordingly

1) Bring the water to a boil

2) add carrots and garlic cloves, wait until they are about half way through cooking, stirring occasionally.

3)add pork, continue stirring until pork is half cooked

4) add dumplings, wait until the pork and dumplings are fully cooked

5)Garnish with blood vine leaves and lemon or mint

6) Bon appetite.

NOTE: Blood vine leaves must be cooked very well and separated from the main plant for safety reasons (see whimsical flora) Pork may be substitute for lamb, chicken, or completely removed if one is a vegetarian. Go to Comment
The Grey Talon Assassins
Society/ Organizations  (Criminal/Espionage)   (Regional)
Bloodredblade's comment on 2005-11-19 02:48 PM
They may have been a cult at one time; if the Illithed rumors are true. Now, however, it would seem that they are a profit only organization, though rumors abound. Go to Comment
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Non-Magical)
Bloodredblade's comment on 2005-11-15 05:49 PM
The Book of the Loon

This book was written by herxzark the insane. at first glance it says nothing, only a garble of words that make no sense. When read under moonlight though, it is an epic poem about The death of magic and the world being fooled into thinking that they are progressing into a new age of cars and electricity. Most take this controversial piece with a grain of salt; discrediting it as "the ramblings of a foolish madman." Go to Comment
The Art of Healing
Items  (Art and Music)   (Magical)
Bloodredblade's comment on 2005-11-19 07:47 PM
I really enjoy this idea.

On that note, what if there was a twin to the painting set spoken of here? Perhaps someone of evil intent made it, or still better: someone of good intent finds it and tries to make another, but fails, twisting it to a point where it does more damage. This could produce a very good storyline at the end of which both painting utensils are present, and look exactly alike. better still, a friend is dieing, and if you pick the wrong one, you will kill them. just some ideas that this gave me. Go to Comment
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