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Artemis495's comment on 2006-01-01 03:26 PM
Liar's Curse
The first time the afflicted tells a lie, a little imp pops into existence over his shoulder and corrects him, blurting out the truth for anyone in earshot. Thereafter, any attempts to be subtle, diplomatic, or even falsely polite are foiled, as the imp blurts out whatever the character is thinking but not saying.

Curse of Curses (Got this one from Reaper Man)
Everytime the afflicted swears, it materialises as a little creature above his head. The viler the curse, the more bizarre the creature it becomes. These creatures follow the afflicted around like ducklings follow their mother, settlign on his head and shoulders whenever he stops moving. Go to Comment
Rumors and Tales
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Artemis495's comment on 2005-12-17 05:38 PM
You know the colony of wererats living under the city? I heard they have a hoard of gold down there - a king's ransom! - from all the years they've spent thieving off us honest folk. Go to Comment
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Artemis495's comment on 2005-11-11 02:44 PM
Nymphs and Satyrs at Play: an illustrated guide to the social interactions of two reclusive woodland species

Although the tome was put forth as a guide for cryptoanthropologists (people who study magical sentient races), most of the copies in existence are currently in the possession of adolescent male wizards, regardless of their field of academic study. To be sure, the author was very thorough in his documentation of the aforementioned "social interactions", but the main features in this book are hundreds of pages of detailed illustrations of both species, alone and together in various postures and positions to demonstrate their energetic social interations

Despite the fact that he suffered a mental breakdown shortly after returning from his research trip, the author went on to publish another book, entitled Nymphs and Satyrs: the Author's Cut, which is currently banned in nine duchies. Go to Comment
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Healing potion with side effects.

       By: Cheka Man

A healing potion which if drank by males (or women in male clothing) causes a short term (1 d6 hours) urge to dress in girl's clothing due to the high levels of estrogen in it.

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