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Splendor in the Jungle of Angkor
Plots  (Nature)   (Single-Storyline)
Arcimus's comment on 2004-02-01 01:19 PM
If you wanted to add a twist, you could have the nymphs want the spirit dead for different reasons. Perhaps the nymphs are actually some kind of succubi or shapeshifter and the spirit guards against their being released into the rest of the world. That way, the portal might lead to a prison plane or plane of evil (e.g. Carceri or Baator for you D&D folks out there) and is just a handy way of getting rid of the heros so the "nymphs" can escape into the world unhindered. Also, that makes the girl Echo a plant for the "nymphs". Maybe she's some kind of sorceress who cast that dream on the heros. She "happens" to overhear them talking about it and "happens" to find a chapter about the place they saw in a book somewhere.
I think the adventure is fine as is, but it's not so much my style. So for those of us who prefer a few more twists, there's one idea. Otherwise, it's better than some of the stuff I've seen here, so keep it up, Skyblue. Go to Comment
Buried and Forgotten
Plots  (Discovery)   (Side-Quest)
Arcimus's comment on 2003-10-17 08:06 PM
I love it. Just the right blend of adventure and suspense... bound to keep my players on their toes! Also very easy to integrate into an existing campaign. Kudos Go to Comment
NPCs  (Minor)   (Combative)
Arcimus's comment on 2003-07-18 03:06 PM
This is an interesting character, I love the background on all the stuff he's done. Reading the comments about him looking/sounding like a barbarian, I'm struck by the idea that if *we* think he's a barbarian, maybe other people would too. Like if he's asked by some king to save the kingdom and the nobles who haven't heard of him or don't believe his stories look down on him for his common clothing and appearance.
BTW, I just have to correct a few things hopfrog said about barbarians: the romans considered anyone who wasn't roman to be barbarian. Our word "barbarian" stems from the Latin "barbam", which means beard, and you can tell why they gave them that name. Go to Comment
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