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ArchPegasus's comment on 2008-12-19 11:23 PM
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Magic as a Cause for Technology
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ArchPegasus's comment on 2008-10-03 05:41 AM
Those few who wish to enter the Dragon's Furnace will need extreme environmental hazard equipment to do so. They will find that, aside from the fact that the being (presumably a deceased god, but perhaps a great dragon of super-mythic proportions) is more than supernaturally large. Those few who do wander within, including those who wish to defend the great boons of the furnace, must work their way through a great earthen cavern filled with the cryptid spawn of the entity itself. Once past the varying tribulations, those few will find themselves to the end of a rocky and crystalline cavern at the mouth of a great digestive sphincter, periodically emitting deadly acidic fumes.

Once inside, those few will find an environment less hospitable than the within a forge filled with enraged embers, despite the fact that its innards reside within the plane of fire itself. They must not only overcome the extreme heat of the great terran organs, but also the anatomical anomalies which are constantly spewed forth from the long since dead, yet still incredibly potent, reproductive systems of the entity.

Those who survive this far inwards have only just begun the journey to the heart of this magnificent being, and those who live to tell the tales of their adventures therein are scarcely received as anything but the utmost of insane. After all, nothing so great could possibly live within the Earth itself. Go to Comment
Magic as a Cause for Technology
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ArchPegasus's comment on 2008-09-26 01:02 AM
I dig it. It opens a market for high class consumers. Kind of like a combination of sailing and taking your personal helicopter across town for a bite to eat, only more fun in both respects. Especially on your way back from eating all of that exotic food.
-banks a hard left as the wind suddenly pulls him towards the wizarding academy tower..-
... I knew I shouldn't have eaten all of those snails. Go to Comment
Magic as a Cause for Technology
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ArchPegasus's comment on 2008-09-26 12:56 AM
One of my favorite inventions from an old DnD game.

Replacing the wheels of a standard wheel barrel with a magically enchanted ring allows workers to move tons of material at a time without any extra effort than simply walking. The ring is crafted mostly from ferromagnetic metals and contains veins of magically conductive crystals, which create a proxy magnetic field beneath it to repel the ring and whatever load it is bearing from the ground. Arcanists theorize that if a similar such mechanism could be replicated on a larger scale, then entire boats may be able to float above the clouds. Recent applications have enabled ships up to the size of galleons to glide effortlessly above the grass; however, galleons themselves seem to have difficulty maneuvering across anything but flat grounds. Extensive research is being done to create other means to lift heavier objects. Go to Comment
Magic as a Cause for Technology
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ArchPegasus's comment on 2008-09-26 12:55 AM
Post Script:
A friend has made a good point, and I feel that I should make a distinction. He was finding it difficult to create technologies out of magic while following the line of thought that, "if magic can do anything, then why create a device which reiterates this ability to do anything." I should first say that magic could be capable of doing anything, but in most cases it cannot do everything. That is to say, it can't do it all at once. Similarly, technologies are created as a method of accomplishing tasks not normally within the means of their application. They are used to increase the capability, or allow the capability where there is none, to accomplish a set of tasks. An example would be electricity. We cannot directly control electricity. So we create devices to do it for us, allowing for innumerable results. Like the monitor you are looking at right now. Go to Comment
Unexpected Weapons
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ArchPegasus's comment on 2008-02-29 01:31 AM
Whip Snake. This magically enchanted item appears to be a normal, well worn whip. However, its tip is as hard as adamantine and is strikingly keen. Whenever the Snake Whip successfully strikes a foe's vital area, a concealed magical snake erupts from the end and latches onto the foe.

Vampiric Monstrous Toad Zombie Bomb. This sickly undead and strangely inane creature can be easily manipulated if properly tamed. Once tamed, the toads vampiric mind can be commanded to desire the designated foe's blood. The toads simple mind cannot resist the temptation, and will immediately seek the foe or die trying. Once the toad strikes, its innards will explode, covering foes in rotten blood and bile. This has no inherant effect, unless foes are allergic to vampiric zombie gore, other than to severely disgust. The older the toad, the greater the effect. Affected persons' status is changed to vomiting. The trick is properly taming one, for these toads are highly volatile and may detonate during training. Go to Comment
Materians- Mages' Orbs
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ArchPegasus's comment on 2006-02-17 12:42 PM
Updated: ô.o For some reason there were a bunch of /'s before random punctuations. I fixed every one I could find, but a few might have slipped passed my not so eagle-like eyes. Go to Comment
Low Sorcery
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ArchPegasus's comment on 2006-02-17 01:17 PM
Great information. I have an idea for you to use if you like. I will only provide minimal information and allow you to build upon it if you are interested.

The Art of Runes (A combination of magics they include warding/protection magics and divination magics. If you are interested in this, a good place to start would be looking into ancient norse or other pagan religions and how they applied runes to daily life) Go to Comment
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