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E'Scatonia's Little Chest
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Andimia's comment on 2006-02-28 12:50 AM
I'm curious as the what an alchemist or sage would identify in the green jars.

Great history, awsome description and nice job on keeping it tastefully presented. :D

I think it would result in some wonderful comedy if a man could use the hairpin though hehe Go to Comment
The Society of Nightmares
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Andimia's comment on 2006-02-12 02:07 AM
Updated: ok, i submitted this idea really late at night and left a lot of things out and posted it wrong. so i changed it to an "in work" submission Go to Comment
Fontis Stone
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Andimia's comment on 2004-09-14 11:59 PM
thank you, I created it for my character in the Eru'tan thread but sadly that died out so I never really got to use it, I just mentioned it once in awhile. Go to Comment
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Ringworld-based game , anyone

       By: Kawaresksenjajok

hey im new to this site but was here years ago w/ another name. anyways dont remember so im newbie by default.
Firstly, I am a sci-fi reader and I hope to meet success with my writing.
My favorite series of books are Larry Nivens RINGWORLD tetralogy (Ringworld, RingWorld Engineers, The RingWorld Throne, and RingWorlds Children)
For those that havnt read the ring world is the greatest artificial structere ever discovered.
A ring, its circumference equal to earths orbit, it is built around a sol-like star. Shadow squares halfway betwwn the ring and the sun provide 15 hours of night in a thirty hour day. 70 days equals one falan (one full rotation of ring world. The inner surface-the one exposed to the sun, is terraformed and is one millionkmwide cntrifugal force provides gravity, and rim walls 1000km high keep the atmosphere in. Population of RNH(ringworld native hominids)
estimated in the trillions.
The origins of who built it and why are too sticky to get into. But the ringworld , millions of years ago, was populated bt A race called Pak Protectors. Protectors are ancestors of all homo sapiens. they populated ringworld with homo erectus, but left no predators in the ecology. hence, hominids evolved into every ecological niche. (Vampires, Carrion Eaters, Giant Herbivores, Small Carnivores, some built great technologies and went interstellar. Oh, and ringworld is 300 million times the surface area of earth. post if youre interested, Ill elabortae on native species and alien vistors

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