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EchoMirage: Sigurd, human ralkharan paladin, looking for love (human paladin Branddis) and lost artifacts

Gossamer: Zelas, human ouzquin wizard, helping Auxzali

Valadaar: Nim-Ty-Lin, human sen-rabbian fire sorceror, seeks wealth+to leave Sen-Rab

Pariah: Duxo, human hyparican rogue, got shipwrecked and now has no reason to stay in Hyparica

Ancient Gamer: Auxzali, human ouzquin cleric of Axtrami, seeking holy relics for Axtrami Haiq Ouzala.


Meeting/creation of party. Introduce Korkarr/white orc enemies. White Orcs need money, and Korkarr was providing it- he ambushed Werstone tribute takers, but someone ran with tribute into swamp, dropped the chest on dryland (or dryer) and sank in swamp himself. Tar-Sul found it, Korkarr found out about this, and kidnapped Tar-Sul to get chest. Enter PCs to rescue Tar-Sul so Werstone can find where tribute is so they don't get enslaved.


The things that have happened:

-Gathering of the party

-Introduction and death of Korkarr, orc bandit

-Tamyra, Sen-Rab ranger, gained as contact


SE's character has a father, who is patriarch of a tribe around a hot spring, named Olam. Tribe has received word of some northern dwarf, named Gromlen, who is uniting the tribes to go kill the orcs and take back their caves. This tribe wants some leverage so when the dwarf seeks to recruit them, they get a good price out of it. Therefore, they have a plan. They know of a way for a small group to infiltrate the dwarves' old vaults, where Auxzali's scorpion piece and Sigurd's Tower Shield should be. They'll tell the PCs how to access it if the PCs go fetch them a key that should be kept in the vault. The key is to open another bigger secret passage into the stronghold that can be used to get an army in- a dwarven army.

Dwarven Patriarch, Olam, has a intro story: when he was a child, Olam and his father were taking trade materials to a nearby tribe- elkhorns for tobacco. His father was injured somehow, and Olam was faced with a choice: abandon his father to the snows, or try and save him and both would perish. The child killed his father with a single ax strike. He will use the story to explain his philosophy of that doing what you have to do when you have no other choice, and to explain to the PCs why they shouldn't f**k with him. Ye ken?

Korkarr had two brothers. One, called Kaelarr, is the priest of Rivval, and the other, called Kunserr, who was a massive brute. Kaelarr got the brains, Kunserr the muscle, and Korkarr a little of both. Kaelarr and Kunserr want vengeance for Korkarr's death, but Kaelarr feels simply killing the PCs is not enough. Moral anguish is what he wants. Therefore, he will not kill the PCs immeadiately, however much he and Kunserr want to. First, a little reconaissance is in order.

When the PCs enter the vault, they will be allowed to browse and get what they want. Kaelarr will be watching however, through magical means, and once they have all chosen some loot, he will breeze in from an alcove hidden by magic. He will tell them that he has been watching them, that he wants revenge for Korkarr's death, and that he now knows their objective, which he shall use against them. However, he wants challenge and heartbreak and moral anguish for them, which he will tell them, and he can't just let them go without a challenge.

Kaelarr: "but just because I want moral anguish for you doesn't mean I can't leave you with a little challenge! Let's call it a test, to see if you are worthy of suffering the full fury of my vengeance. I will leave you now to go fetch the guards. That will take, oh, an hour? Half an hour? It is a bit of a walk, I'm afraid. If you haven't defeated my... Pet by the time they get here, then I shall have me vengenace be more physical. We'll have such fun! If you do defeat it, and escape, well then. You are worthy combatants and opponents! And we will have even more fun than mere torture. So, fare thee well. May your skill lead to the utmost fun for me."

That 'pet' will be a... Rock Troll! The PCs have Zelas' acid dart to halt regen, so it is killable (actually, he could pop an acid dart each round, make it easy to kill - can I block that? Yes- troll can chuck Sigurd at Zelas >=) "akid?" The troll said. "Akid bad! No akid!" And then the troll picked up the nearest object- sigurd- and threw it at Zelas), stop them for a round for regen to kick in. Orc guards will come in roughly 15 minutes

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Corpse Herders

       By: Murometz

The Jiangsi was the name of an undead being in Chinese folklore and mythology. Usually translated as zombie or vampire for Western palates, the Jiangsi was really neither. They appeared as simply risen, fresh corpses. They moved (peculiarly!) by hopping rather than walking, and sought out the living to suck the Qilife force from their victims.

Perhaps significantly more interesting than the Jiangsi itself, was the lore surrounding them. "Zombie wranglers", or "Corpse Herders", usually Daoist priests, were men tasked with delivering these undead beings back to their respective home towns. Tradition in China placed great importance and emphasis on the return of the dead to their homes and families, and thus the corpse herders came to be. By using magick words and talismans they would animate the dead, and by placing specially inscribed parchments of paper over the Jiangsi heads and faces, the corpse herders would be able to control the hopping corpses. Then like pied pipers, they would lead processions of subdued undead, across many miles, rhythmically chanting and ringing tiny bells.

Special inns were built across China to house these undead caravans, as the zombies could only travel by evening and night, the sun anathema to them. Rows of doors opening to barely a closet-space, lined the walls of these special establishments. Behind these doors, the corpses would be stored upright while the corpse herders rested in rooms.

The Jiangsi under the control of a corpse herder were quite harmless, merely hopping after him, silently and without complaint, for weeks and months. If however, the magicked parchment would somehow be removed from their faces, the creatures would immediately seek living humans to kill. Their thirst for Qi was unquenchable.

The job of a corpse herder was an interesting one to say the least.

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