Pariah's Scratchpad =========================================== Ria Hawk 12:40 am: Ah... try Something Positive, The Devil's Panties, User Friendly, El Goonish Shive, The Adventures of Bob and George, Adventurers!, Antihero for Hire, 8-bit Theatre... ++++++++++AssassinX 24hr RPG++++++++++++++ =========================================== Stats are 4d4 for the roll. Cool - Cool modifies how you react to trouble. A cool killer is always in control and picks and chooses when and where to act. A flipped-out psychopath acts now, and starts to think about it when it is all over. Cool also modifies your accuracy when killing people with personal firearms - at least whe they aren’t on full auto. Finally, cool is your last resort if the cops get you, or worse, the enemy. With enough cool, you just might keep your mouth shut while they are busy tearing out your fingernails with hot pliers, or when the cops are working you over with batons and pepper spray. Hunger - Hunger affects your brutality in hand to hand combat, with hungry killers being fucking terrifying when the shit hits the fan. Hunger is also important for determining how much punishment you can take before packing it in. A killer without the hunger, the need for the kill, will succumb to his wounds while a truly hungry killer will keep working for it as long as he can suck air down into his bloody, pulpy lungs. Beef - This is how tough and strong you are, a measure of physique. Beefy killers are big mother fuckers who would be wasting their lives lifting weights or bouncing at a bar if they lacked the hunger to be doing this line of work. Killers without much beef tend to be skinny or scrawny little shits who can’t throw a punch worth a damn, while beefy killers often hang out at the gym engaging in bouts of bare-knuckle boxing, or schlepping crates at the docks and wharves. Beef is used to determine how much sheer physical abuse you can take before going down, how hard you can hit with your bare hands or a melee weapon, and when intimidating the non-killers you meet in this line of work. Beef is also used when controlling fully automatic firearms. Finesse - Often thought of as the opposite of beef, finesse represents your hand-to-eye coordination, your speed and agility, and... well... your finesse. Killers with finesse do things with style - single shot kills, acrobatics, and being a sneaky bastard. Finesse is used when shooting firearms or other ranged weapons (but not full-auto weapons of personal destruction), as well as modifying how quickly you react to trouble. It is important for playing with the fiddly bits of mechanical devices like locks and alarm systems, as well as when working as the wheelman for a hit. Fellowship - This is how nice of a person you can be. This is potentially one of the most disturbing traits for a killer, as no one expects to be able to sit down to a pleasant meal and conversation with a cold killer who is taking the opportunity to finalize his plan to kill his sister and eat her eyeballs. A low fellowship killer is a cold bastard with little in the way of social graces. A high fellowship killer makes friends, schmoozes, and knows exactly what wine will go best with your cousin’s heart. Eyes - Eyes is more than the name implies, it is your ability to know what is going on around you, to see through the red haze of murder to hear the car coming up the lane, to spot the perfect weapon for the crime in the basement, or to taste the arsenic in your breakfast grits. Eyes is important when snooping, sneaking and investigating things, as well as when trying to fix or sabotage mechanical or electronic devices. Eyes are also vital when shooting a gun, making sure you hit the target, no matter what or who he is hiding behind. =========================================== Quick - cool&finesse This is how fast you react to trouble, and how well you can maintain control of a situation. Quick is used in combat to determine when you get to act. Quicker killers are ready to act when they need to, able to cut in when it is important, or to wait until the right opening is presented Target - cool&finesse&eyes This is how good of a shot you are with semi-automatic and single shot ranged weapons. Of course you are skilled in the use of guns, you are a killer. Target is how well you can aim your shots to eliminate people in an orderly and controlled fashion. Rip - hunger&beef&eyes Ripping is your skill with an automatic weapon. Some specific automatics are light (and wussy) enough that they use Target instead, but when a hail of lead is needed, it’s ripping time. Splatter - hunger&beef Splatter measures how effective you are at kicking ass and turning people into a bloody pulp with your fists, rocks, baseball bats or machetes. Freak - hunger&beef&fellowship This measures your ability to scare the shit out of people. This is the only interpersonal skill where your hunger can be a benefit as it unnerves those who don’t share in the red addiction for death. Sneak - finesse&eyes A sneaky killer can get in and out without leaving a sign of having been there, except the bloody viscera of his victim smeared from the bathroom sink to the basement laundry... Ease - finesse&fellowship An easy killer can slip right in with your family for dinner, can fast-talk his way in anywhere, and seems to always be dressed sharp... "dressed to kill”, one would say... Blood - beef+blood Blood represents your ability to stay in the fight against whatever physical abuse has been dealt to you. Unlike the other secondary attributes, Blood is the sum of your Hunger and Beef, not the average. =========================================== Target Wound Severity 2d10+accuracy) 2-8____Grazing hit________________1 Blood spilled 9-12___Incidental flesh wound_______4 Blood spilled 13-16__Minor flesh wound_________7 Blood spilled 17-19__Serious flesh wound________10 Blood spilled 20-22__Clean through-and-through___13 Blood spilled 23-25__Chopped into a major artery__16 Blood spilled 26-28__Internal organ hit___________19 Blood spilled 29-31__Vital organ hit_____________22 Blood spilled 32-34__Vital organs perforated______25 Blood spilled 35+____Bloody massacre of vitals___30 Blood spilled =========================================== +++++++++++++D20 Rules (OGL)+++++++++++++++

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