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Reasons for Joining the Citadel: 1. An avid fan of fantasy and RPG on PCs *as in personal computers* (as opposed to the socially interactive ones like most do here) so strictly speaking, I'm a non-gamer although recently I got in a forum game using the FATE system; 2. A dream of writing a fantasy epic one day + now I'm actually doing it so the Citadel is where I keep in practice. Generally I'm working to make one of my two settings into Regions here on the Citadel and otherwise just writing any random ideas that pop into my head.

My Settings: 1. Dragon Empire- fantasy version of feudal China and the associated world; 2. Kalimon- high magic fantasy setting

Current Plans:

The novel I was trying my hand at, the first of a 5-book series, is now on stall. Ctiadel-wise, I have all sorts of ideas floating around. My priority should really be the Strolenati Level 2 Quest, the Spouse Challenge and then the write up two more broad sketches on the World of Kalimon so that it can released as a map challenge (roughly in that order but I always change things around as the mood fits me). However, my current whims have taken me to working on past Quests to earn the Master Questor badge (4 more to go for me).

Plans Ahead:

Incoming work- Ranking for Government Officials in the Qing Dynasty; 101 Distinguishing Features of a Culture (with Illustrative Examples)

Outgoing work- the What makes weapons magic quest sub that I'm working on now as well as 3 more quest subs

In the Nebulous- Tale of the Dragon and the Phoenix (mythical tale set in my Dragon Empire setting); The Everwinter Realm- a reasonably sized area composed of sub-locales based on different characteristics of Winter and too many more for me to list

Clean-out Folder- 5in1 sub for Strolenati Level 2 Quest; Spouse Challenges (x2); Kalimon subs: Magic System in Kalimon; History of Kalimon; Dragon Empire subs: The First and Their Descendants; A Treatise on Deities Worshiped in the Dragon Empire; Geography and Racial Dynamics of Zia; Chinese Mythical Lifeforms (Good and Bad Omen Lifeforms)

Upcoming Collaborations: 30 Craftsmen (to be released as Wiki)

Stalled work- Return of the White Deer (novel that I was writing)

Work seeking collaboration: Wikis- 6270, 7337, 7363;

5685 and its component scrolls! It was supposed to be Citadel effort though currently it's just me as sole author. If someone would like to by SaverAddon" class="bjrtrvdq" href="#60979693"> contribute, PM me or start a scroll on any random one that you see fit and I will turn them into Wikis as they should be.

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The Forest of Flesh

       By: Kid Cannibal

The party has found the source of the strange creatures roaming the countryside. The rift in this reality glows with a silver hue, rippling with the wind but never moving. They step through and are immediately assaulted with the scent of rotting meat, some have to muster all their strength not to vomit. Strange cries similar to the beasts the party had faced before can be heard in the distance. Looking around, they see they are in a forest of grey and red rather than the normal brown and green. The trees are sticky to the touch and writhe, perhaps to get away or perhaps as a warning.

The deeper the party goes, the more the forest seems to slither and move underfoot. The cries get closer and more numerous. Creatures lurk in the shadows, all the same color of their surroundings. Whatever the party came in here for, they had better do it fast.

The forest of flesh is waking up, and it is so very hungry.

Ideas  ( Locations ) | February 19, 2013 | View | UpVote 5xp

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